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OS Version 3.0 for the Orville, DSP7000 and DSP7500 series of Harmonizer® brand effects processors

This update method requires a Windows XP system with a USB to Serial Adapter connecting the Orville to the PC.


Refer to the installation instructions found in oupdate.exe, the firmware updater available as part of this download, for setup and connecting to your Harmonizer product. Note that installing this upgrade will delete all User Programs. Any Programs that need to be saved must be stored to a card or archived to a computer before installation. Following restart after install, when asked "clear setup ?", you must choose YES. It's been observed that some SETUP menus may appear blank after this upgrade. We recommend restarting the machine once more after clearing the setup above and holding the 8 key to force a complete reset. Be sure to read the updated V3.0 User's Manual for more details on the new features.


New in these product releases are the DistortionCurve(tm) analog distortion module and the Predictive Vocoder(tm) module. DistortionCurve models some uniquely analog types of distortion using a proprietary curve-fitting process. The Predictive Vocoder module uses a high resolution physical model of the human vocal tract to implement a truly incredible vocoder. The Version 3.0 release also includes a number of performance enhancements. 

Issues with release 3.000 resolved in version 3.002: Update 06 May 2003 We have found or have been advised of some minor issues in 3.000 that we have resolved in a maintenance release. If you performed your update before 07 May 2003, you might want to consider updating to version 3.002. The issues resolved involve MIDI, sampling rate, and remote control. 

Here's a preview of some of the other important enhancements:

• Tap Tempo and Loop Timer added

• Possible maximum size of presets has significantly increased.

• Many New presets added to feature Tap Tempo, Timer and the new modules.

• Wet/Dry Mix has been modified to allow full volume (100% wet:dry) at the center of this control. This is especially useful for series machine configurations.

• Remotes have added type (absolute, unipolar, bipolar) and are now scaled in the actual units rather than as a percentage.

• MIDI note trigger added to remote types, this is like Note On but is activated by a specific note.

• Improvements to MIDI program load behavior: 1. Works with Links 2. For Orville: Base + 0 = machine A, Base + 1 = machine B, Base + 2 = Routing

• MIDI bank change sysex improved.

Many other bug fixes and system improvements:

• The audio page has been renamed [clock] -- this is where you select clock source and see the status of digital inputs (locked, slipping, unlocked, etc.)

• The [clock] page is now the first in the list when the setup button is pressed (instead of DSP A routing). The first list of soft keys that appear with the first press of the setup key is [clocks] [inputs] [DSP A] [outputs] -- the latter three are in order of the signal flow.

• The wordclock enable field has been moved from the [misc] page to the [clock] page. 

• The [clock] page now has a single field for selecting clock sources, allowing the selection of internal and external sources without having to manipulate a second EXTERNAL ENABLE field.

• The [analog] and [digital] pages have been moved under an [outputs] soft key.

• The DIG 1/2 SPDIF vs. AES input select has been moved to an [inputs] page.

• The levels pages now allow digital gain control for all channels instead of just the digital channels (this is a post A/D and pre D/A gain control in addition to the analog gain control that is pre A/D and post D/A).

• Digital format information has been moved to a [format] soft key under SETUP (second press of SETUP). In addition, the DIG 1/2 SPDIF vs. AES/EBU output format selection is made here. Note that the expanded format page only exists for DIG 1/2 (with fields like SCMS and EMPH).

VSIGFILE Compatibility

Sigfiles using STEXTKNOB will be incompatible unless references to "textnum" are changed to "textnum_out".

This is best done in a text editor rather than Vsig. Several new modules have been added. Note that these are NOT covered in the old Modules manual, but ARE covered in Vsigfile help for detailed info.













Orville User Manual
Version 3.0 | English

The following applies to Eclipse, BD600 and BD600E, Orville, DSP7000 family, H7600 and H8000 family. Reverb 2016 is not currently upgradeable. DSP4000 family updates are no longer available. 


Ambient and Textures

6 gate dtnplex.sif
this is the final version of 6 detuners fed into plex now swell controlled by gate. OS.3.0

diamond rain 2.0.sif
This is a modified version of Eclipses diamond rain patch. It's reverse crystals are added a feedback routing function, to choose between dry and fx.With dry; the signal are sent through the reverse shifters only once, with fx, they.... yes feed back! The routing option and a volume pedal can be controlled by an external controller. OS 3.002

Dynamic String Pad (OS V2.705)

Dynamic vibrato after 6 long delays into EtherVerb (OS V2.705)

Electronica & Mayhem

All sort of artifacts: bits truncation, aliasing, sample rate changes, sweeping filters... to make your tracks UGLY!

OS 2.740 Vocoder that fades in with modulator input.

Forever glass prison harp1.0.sif
Here is my tribute to John Petrucci, this is tweaked for the glass prison solo at ca 2 minutes out in the song. Message for John : use this when you don't have the time to warm up properly ;-))), for the rest of us put it in dsp B and play along with tap tempo set to slower than original. enjoy OS3.0

Forever harp1.3.sif
Tony's AMAZING arpeggiator...after some cleaning & restyling. OS V3.002

Formant Filter : human speech emulating sound

Freeze 2 Beats !.sif
Freeze audio by setting delays on polyrithms... U can preset 2 Rhythm freezers. Check the INFO menu. STRICTLY OS V3.x or better.

Freeze The Beat !.sif
Freeze audio by setting delays on polyrithms... Check the INFO menu. STRICTLY OS V3.x or better.

Doppler alternating up and down without splicing. Trippy after a reverb. V2.740

Randomized Harmonix processing

harmonic delay amp sens

Long verb into Dave Rick's peaking filter. OS V3.xxx

2nd generation long verb into Dave Rick's peaking filter. Filter character and polarity added OS V3.xxx

Stepped T-delays autopan.sif
Stepped T-delays with dual autopan.OS3.002


H3000 emulation

MULTI-SHIFT : bouncing detuning shifted taps dance around...play sparse. (OS V2.740)

MULTI-SHIFT : this shows how interacting short delays and detuned taps can create tight spaces for a gtr sound. (OS V2.740)

Very OLD & ROUGH attempt to replicate H3000 String Modeller algorithm...also known as Karplus-Strong based synthesis.

The original H3000 MULTI-SHIFT algorithm : 2 delay lines and 2 pitch shifters patchable through a very interesting feedback matrix. (OS V2.740)

MULTI SHIFT : Polyrhythmica!!! Delay taps have a different rhythm from the shifted ones...interesting polyrhythms make up a texture. (OS V2.740)

Swept Combs : 6 parallel delay lines with indipendent modulation and main control parameters. (OS V2.740)



Greg's Pitch Envelope.sif
Work In Progress, uses guitar signal to trigger envelope, that modulates pitch of the guitar. OSv 3.002

H3000 MULTISHIFT replica (OS V2.705)

MicroPitch Shift.sif
Micropitch shifter: each input feeds a pitchshifter that can be delayed, modulated, hicut, level controlled and panned. A CLASSIC Eventide fx. V3.0 or better required!

Midi D_Shifter4v.sig
4 v diatonic shifter with 30 embedded tweaks. Each tweak can be recalled via midi or front panel <tweak #> knob. A taste of H8000 Midi Virtual Racks presets. OS V3.xxx (works on DSP7K&7500 too)

Midi Harmony.sif
clickless version of an original Eventide 4000 patch. Connect a midi keyboard and get midi shifting playing 4 notes chords on the keyboard. (OS V3.002)

Midi Shifter 4v.sig
4 v pitch shifter with 30 embedded tweaks. Each tweak can be recalled via midi or front panel <tweak #> knob. A taste of H8000 Midi Virtual Racks presets. OS V3.xxx (works on DSP7K&7500 too)

2 reverse shifters modulated by Mod.Wheel w/hi & low limits...More fun!!! (OS V2.740)

2 reverse shifters modulated by Mod.Wheel or an LFO w/hi & low limits...More ridiculous fun!!! (OS V2.740)

2 reverse shifters modulated by mod.wheel...lotsa FuN!!! (OS V2.740)

ubiquity - ubiquity.sif
Detuners with Hilbert quadrature pans make wide stereo and fast attacks (v2.740).Various versions

2 voice Midi UltraShifter with hicut filter and Reverb. Control your intervals with a midi keyboard ! ! ! (OS V2.740)

An updated custom scale patch after some cleaning and restyling, with added Italos chamber reverb, (because the original sucked) OS 3.002

Original DSP4000 Custom Scales preset. For testing purposes ONLY! OS V3.002

Ultrashifter pro-singer multi FX patch, OS V2.705. The Turorial on Pitch Shifting refers to this patch. Download it from TUTORIALS folder.



Four Samplers with ext Control. OS 2.740

Zoomed in details.

Feedback corrected!

amp mod delay

Diatonic loop.sif
Looping signal through a 4 voice, and 4 steps choice, diatonic shifter with t-delays. The dry loop can be pitch shifted for some serious weird effect, all with play along option through stereo detune.OS 3.002

20 sec stereo delay with crosspatched feedback paths. Stereo flips left and right with each repeat. V2.705


Multi FX

Adventure 2.1.sif
Four FX combo with dual autopanned series tempodelays, and choice between series and parallell detuneplex and plexed pitch shifters with direction control. All into a 12 line reverb, this is really atmospheric, enjoy the angels choir in the background. OS3.002

DJ's Rack 1.sif
St Chorus > St Flanger > St Delay > St Pitch in parallel to Reverb. OS v3.002

DJ's Rack2.sif
St Compressor > St 3 band EQ > St Chorus > St Flanger > St Delay > St Tremolo in parallel to Reverb. OS V3.002

dream strings mod.sif
This is a modified version of Dream Strings from the virtual racks bank. This is enhanced with a different tweaks stored with the ability to stepthrough all of them with an external pedal, or from the soft keys. It has now added the option for turning the effects on or off individually. OS 3.002

4 moddelays and Verb : selectable routing (OS V2.705)

dynamic lead 2.sif
Tweaked for studio gear, a lead preset which includes a boogie mark series eq replica, into wet/dry gate cotrolled reverse pitch shifters, and (2290) dynamic delay (stolen from virtual racks:-) )into reverb. the reverses is sounding parallell with the real time playing, while echoes comes up with the dynamic delay. OS 3002

Vortex FRACTAL B algorithm : Cascade looper w/envelope control of the looper's input mix. Output fed to panner, then into stereo glide. Dynamic layers are added & erased into looper. (OS V2.740).

An attempt to merge Crystal Worlds2, St.Plate & AMS DMS1580S algorithms in a single large one. I had to reduce numbers of delays in diffusors and verbs modules to make it load. Parameters tweaking and I/O audio re-connections are needed from you, using VSIGFILE. OS V3.xxx Please refer to posting #10455 for more detaild info on this one

Quadraverb EQ>PITCH>DLY>VERB configuration rebuilded. Take advantage of the clever fx blocks inputs/mix for interesting routings and sonic possibilities. Obviously, this sounds much better today, on your Tides. Set your Harmonizer @100%wet. OS V3.01.

Studio Pedalboard (OS V2.705)



Basic FUZZ structure. WATCH : LOUD ! ! ! (OS V2.705)

Fuzz Modeling. A starting point for all distortion "addicts". WATCH:LOUD!!! (OS V2.705)

Allan's gtr tone from Orville! OS V2.705.

Massive QuadraFuzz : thick future gtr sound (OS V2.705)

Morphing Distort.sif
Morphing between curves in the DISTORT module. OS 3.0 and higher.

Morphing QuadraFuzz : cyber tones (OS V2.705)

PolyCloudVerb for Orville. Smooth distortion into verb. (OS V2.740)


Pro FX algorithms

Quad 6 band parametric eq. The first and last bands are shelving eqs. (OS V2.620)

3 Bands Chorus tweaked for the classic Univibe style chorusing/vibrato. Play your Strat(R) thru it, neck pickup, instant classic sound. (OS V2.740)

*THE* chorus! A stereo Crossover splits audio in 3 bands. Each one is sent to a stereo chorus network for separate processing/tweaking, then all are mixed to output. Hundreds of different tweakings are possible! (OS V2.740)

Cry, baby...cry ! ! ! (OS V2.740)

Dimension-D Position 4 TrueStereo (Orv3.002).sif
Tweaked version of Harrie's H8000 patch. Tweaked to allow true stereo operation.

Songbird/DyTronics "Dyno-My-Piano" Tri Stereo chorus 1380S: a popular 80s chorus unit with a very peculiar structure and sound. For that "Landau" style chorusing....OS2.740

Morphing Ekorus (OS V2.740)

Roland Dimension C (13 cc).sig
Roland Dimension C clone. True stereo with 13 midi continuous controllers and independent adjustments for the left and right side of each stereo pair. OS V.3.002

Roland Dimension C (2 cc).sig
Roland Dimension C clone. True stereo with 2 midi continuous controllers and a single adjustment for the level of each stereo pair. OS V.3.002

Roland Dimension C.doc
Documentation for the theory and operation of the Roland Dimension C clone.

create rythmic figures with tap key in sync with system tempo (OS3.002)

tc1210 as spatial expander. OS2.740

Old analog tape echo w/tape flutter and backgound noise + tape wear simulations. (OS V2.740).

Same as Tape Echo, with distortion added for more realistic tape "side fx"- OS2.740

TC 1210 Stereo Chorus. OS2.740

Warp Chorus.sif
Lfo wave can be custom made with this preset. Explore its possibilities. OS V3.002

WaveMorph Chorus.sif
Basic original study patch on lfo wave design and morph; used to build Dyno My Piano Chorus in V3.002. OS V2740.



Black Hole.sif
Classic Eventide Verb with input trimmer added. OS 3.02

blue hotel 2.sif
This is an eclipse simulated dual combo, inspired from the eclipse review, it is the detune 4 plex and moddelays+verb8. Menupages built like eclipse. OS3002

Eventide Concert Hall...S_P_A_C_E

Italo's Chamber : highly specialized medium spaces verb tool (OS V2.705)

A plate verb that can't get richer than this (OS V2.705)



performance dual sampler


single performance sampler


Sounds Generators

Arabian Collangette.sif
Microtuned sequence sweeping an oscillator, processed by filter+modfilter+panning dly+verb.... exotic ! OS V3.002

Breathing Harmonix1.sif
makes you sick! V3.0

Breathing Harmonix2.sif
makes you more sick! V3.0

Breathing Harmonix3.sif
definitely makes you feel unsafe! V3.0

Breathing Harmonix4.sif
treat yourself w/this one! V3.0

Breathing Harmonix5.sif
good for those good days! V3.0

The sound of a phonograph needle skating. Relaxes me when I clean the house. Orville OS 3.002.

windy solo.sif
Here is a copy of stormwatch, added to a simple delay with a duplicated mesa mark series EQ, and reverb, for soloing over the storm. OS 3.0



MIDI-triggered percussion synth, v2.740.

Mono virtual analog for Orville - v 2.740 required

Roland's synth w/first menupage cleaned up. V2.740.


Tools (tutorials)

Bound SKnob3.sif
This patch shows how to build remotely controlled SKNOB3s with min/max adjustable parameters bounds. (OS V2.740)

Bpm > Hertz conversion patch. Note the use of rhythmic subdivision. (OS V2.740

Use of c_counter module. Should work with any OS.

Control Math modules.zip
6 tutorial patches suggesting ideas for useful applications. OS V2.705

A knob or an Lfo controls 3 different parmeters w/different values sweeps set by curves. OS V2.740

Visual demo of the oscillator duty cycle. Orville OS 3.002.

Draws the DISTORT module curves 0-9 on the display using the SCOPE module. OS 3.002.

Dry/Wet mix tool using SKNOB3. This great tool shows how parameters can be controlled manually and midi remoted at the same time by a KNOB that also has a monitor function and a control merge input. (OS 2.740).

Tutorial program responding to knob turn rate. OS 3.002.

Latch converted MidiSw.sif
This MIDI switch turns an UNLATCH type of CC into a LATCHED one. Use it if your midi controller can't be configured to send LATCH CCs. The on/off switch also works manually. This is the switch mechanism used in Virtual Pedalboards. OS V3.xxx

Latch&Unlatch MidiSw.sif
This MIDI switch behaves according to how your midi controller works: if you use a LATCH type midi CC, it will work in the same way. If you use an UNLATCH one, it will work as unlatch. The on/off switch also works manually. OS V3.xxx

Tutorial patch converting an unlatch footswitch into a latch one. This works on Orville/7500/7000.

Just an useful latch trigger on the display. Any OS.

Lfo driving SKNOBS3, another powerful control tool. OS V2.705

Lfo counts thru a selectable number of steps and loops around it. Lots of options. Useful. OS V2.705

Midi Modulator.sif
This patch allows you to send MIDI CC messages from the midi out of your Eventide.Useful to remote parameters on other units. It also allows to redirect incoming CCs to other CCs.

Digital delay w/6 parameters externally remoted by midi cc. OS V2.740

Presets Knob.sif
A knob with preset values remoted by an external pedal.

Presets Switch.sif
A knob with preset values sequencially remoted by an external switch.

Selectable style trigger. Any OS.

The magic of SKNOB3 !!! Here shown as a delay remoted feedback control.. OS V2.705

Preset values Multiknob, externally remoted. All OS

switch redirect.sif
A switch is redirected to 4 separate outputs...to choose which one you want to control. OS V2.740.

A Trigger with time ramps!!! 2 minutes for LONG triggering envelopes! OS V2.705.

Simple unlatched fast trigger. Any OS.

Unlatch trigger. Any OS.



A_B box.sif
When you need an A/B switcher in a patch...this is the tool for you. Switches input 1<>input2 audio source. OS V.2.740.

A_B box2.sif
This version has inputs 1 & 2 summed to mono, then the sum is sent to a mixer that allows to switch betwenn A<>B outputs. OS V.2.740

Volume pedal with bound values to select min/max range. OS V2.705

A "through" patch which includes full metering of all 4 channels, as well as a mute button. Requires OS 3.0 or better because of new RMS module!

Meters 1 and 2, provides gain->dither for recording to 16-bits. Requires OS 3.0 or better due to new RMS module!


DRY/WET Mix tool for series connected fx. Useful. Any OS.

Dynamic Swell.sif
Auto sensing dynamic sweller. OS V3.0

Text tricks on Orville's display! Read this brochure. OS V2.705

InterDSP XFade Mastr.sif
Master patch for InterDSP control of level Xfade. Needs InterDSP XFade Slave running on the first DSP. OS V3.002

InterDSP XFADE Slave.sif
Slave patch for InterDSP control of level Xfade. Needs InterDSP XFade Master running on the second DSP. OS V3.002

Latch converted MidiSw.sif
This MIDI switch turns an UNLATCH type of CC into a LATCHED one. Use it if your midi controller can't be configured to send LATCH CCs. The on/off switch also works manually. This is the switch mechanism used in the Virtual Pedalboards. OS V3.002

Latch&Unlatch MidiSw.sif
This MIDI switch behaves according to how your midi controller works: if you use a LATCH type midi CC, it will work in the same way. If you use an UNLATCH one, it will work as unlatch. The on/off switch also works manually.

Uses an external trigger to switch between two pre-set gains.

Midi Note Player! Connect Orville midi out to a sampler/synth/looper and send a midi note on/off message with note number too! (OS V2.740)

Rob's X-Over.sif
An improved version of StHiMoLow XOver.sif OS V3.02

Soundcheck 4 inputs to a stereo rig. Orville V2.740

Stereo mixer with wet/dry knob. Orville v2.740.

StHiMoLow XOver.sif
A Stereo Crossover splits stereo input in Low and Hi bands: low band goes out MONO, while high band goes STEREO. OS V3.02

Dezipped audio Volume Pedal. Noise free level swells. Any OS.



Selects multichannel DSP inputs for audio processing programs controlled by a sidechain signal. OS 3.002

Supermodule applies autopanning to stereo signals. Cool after a guitar chorus, or any other sound with a stereo width of its own. Also applies classic autopanning to mono signals. OS 3.002.

Supermodule converts a dB value (like a threshold input on the front panel) to a linear value (like a threshold input to a math module). OS 3.002.

Supermodule flanges a flanger to highlight weird harmonics. Try using it as a synth-like doubler of an instrument. A mixer supermodule is included to help you experiment. OS 3.002.

Supermodule estimates your audio sample rate in kHz. Good to three digits (44.1, 48.0, etc.). OS 3.002.

Supermodule for confirming VSIG filter gains manually with a sine wave. OS 3.002.

Supermodule fills +/-50 cents with 12 voices of detuning in parallel. Wide in pitch, tight in time. OS 3.002.

Supermodule LFO makes a "parabolic" waveform for modulating MICRODELAY or MODDELAY so the pitch you hear has a synth-like triangle wave. OS 3.002.

Supermodule "peaking filter" for sweeping "wah" without cutting highs or lows. OS 3.002.

Supermodule experiment to make a smooth distortion curve using math, inspired by Allan Hoeltje's math lab. OS 3.002.

Supermodule LFO makes a "parabolic" waveform with features for "sync" and "reset" that agree with the VSIG Modules Reference for SLFO. Here "phase" = 0 degrees means the minimum value of the LFO. The demo applies this LFO to MICRODELAY mod inputs to make a swarm of triangles in pitch. OS 3.002.

Stereo wet/dry mixer with percent controls for levels and widths. Adjustable delays let you experiment with time alignment. Handy for mixing stereo outputs or multichannel inputs. OS 3.002