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Quote taken from Eventide's faq on the modfactor: "Polymod is an effect taken from the Eventide H-series rack processors which features three sets of stereo delays with FM modulation of each set. This allows very rich modulation while smearing the sense of sweep patterns."

I'm really bummed that eventide has decided to do this, so I'm afraid I'm gonna have to cancel my order…a real let down considering I ordered it last July.  I wanted some more chorus in the box…and especially the polymod which sounded like it was going to be fantastic, That algo was a big reason I was buying it……Rotary effects most of the time I like to go analog on for my personal preference(I don't use them anyway)….but it's eventide so you know it will be great…but what a bad trade off…..tri stereo fm modulated delays dumped for a rotary?  Why not put the rotary in the q-wah's place instead?

It would be cool if Eventide put the algo in the Eclipse at least….