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I already sent you guys an email, but here it is just in case.

Tap Tempo
(problem) My tap tempo is used in ms/non-tempo mode most of the time, save for when I need dotted eights, so I don?t know if my comments are relevant to the tempo mode. The ms display is rarely accurate, maybe 1 in 4 times I tap does something close to the proper ms display. For instance, I might tap about 150ms and get an odd reading of 768ms or vice versa, which is obviously off. This has been happening since before the beta was introduced to my unit. It displays the wrong delay time from tapping the actual TF switch or with my external Digitech FS-300.
(problem) I do also notice that my tapping is not always inputting correctly either. Sometimes a short tap results in a long delay or vice versa. It happens quite frequently, with both the TF itself in play mode or with an external FS-300 footswitch, especially after repeated taps.

(suggestion) the mix control has been improved, but it still needs to be able to have a 100% dry plus 100% wet/loop ratio on the knob. When I set the Mix control to 50, the dry signal is still a little quieter than normal, meaning the volume is cut slightly from normal operation. It is not as bad as it was, but could be improved further. I tested it by recording a silent loop, striking a chord, then turning the loop on and off and hearing the chord change volume. If it is possible, please make the dry volume 100% from 0-50, then tapering only from 51-100. Likewise the loop volume would be the inverse of 100% from 100-51, then tapering down from 50-0. I know this might seem like a rather minor change, but it would make the looper so much more usable in live situations. A second option would be to make the Mix control only the loop volume, leaving the dry always at 100% volume.

Infinite Repeat
(suggestion) Thanks for fixing the volume issue. I wonder if it could be made a little more seamless. When I use it (pinky swelling on my strat for a synth sound) it creates clicking seam every 350ms or so, giving that tempo no matter what is inputted. I really like this feature, but it would work better for me without the repeating seam at the end/beginning of its sample.

Delay Spillover
(problem) I am referring to the spillover between presets and not the bypass spillover (which is great!). What I hear is that when I change patches, the spillover also changes to the new patch, which creates some unpleasant sounds when changing to certain patches (like your preset 4:1 with high feedback). If there is a way to do it like other processors where the old patch spillover remains the same and simply fades away, and any newly inputted notes come through the new patch. Such a design would increase its usefulness, as well as doing away with ackward changes in sound. Currently I cannot use this feature.
(related problem) I understand that with certain delay types that the tap tempo delay change will cause the unit to pitch shift (tape mode and vintage?), which to me is fine within the patch, but the problem I am having is when switching patches, it makes some really bad sounds depending on the settings (a long delay to a short delay patch and vice versa).

The encoder switch double press in system menu–I believe you guys already know about. I'll post more if think of any more. I hope this helps you guys.