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Mr. Blonde

This is my first post here on the Eventide forum.  I am the proud owner of a TimeFactor.  Previously I have owned a Line 6 DL4 and two Boss DD-20 pedals at the same time.  I still own a Maxon AD-900 and Maxon AD-999.  Like many vintage guitar enthusiasts I long for the grunginess of a good BBD delay unit.  Line 6 did a very nice job with their DL4 which was introduced many years ago.  I stepped up to having two Boss DD-20 units to create two delays at the same time and enjoyed the Boss ease of use.  I am hoping Eventide can take the next step, create an easy to use digital unit (DONE!) that has great vintage delay sounds within (PENDINGSad).  The Eventide unit is just too clean and sterile in the analog simulations.  The delays need to have that dirty ambient sound that many people are searching for.  This year at NAMM many more pedal makers were coming out with units which have a BBD.  This must mean the market has a huge desire for BBD units which have a grungy dirty character to the sound.  The huge advantage the Eventide unit has over all of them is the user can control how much or how little of the grunge they want.  Eventide can trumpo them all if we can just dial it in on the unit.  Thanks Eventide!