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Got everyhting working on Saturday after I received it. I am using Apogee AES/EBU cables, no problem there. I change my entire studio from 44.1k sampling to 48k as well.
I am able to control parameters via a pair of Behringer FCB1010 MIDI pedal boards that I use, but I have to admit that the section in the manual that describes Midi Groups is not totally clear.
Is it fair to assume that for each preset, the MIDI control of each parameter might have a different number, i.e. #71 for the "width" of a given preset, but #36 for say the range of another parameter in a different preset?
is there a way that I could have say 3 CC #'s that would always control say the top 3 parameters of whatever is displayed, so at least that would always work, although it might not give me control to some of the params that I might otherwise want?