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Hi Tim

Diatonic Thesaurus is a 2 voice diatonic shifter with 8 programmable steps.

for each step you can program Key/Scale/tuning. Once the 8 steps are programmed you can use the  <step#> softkey to sequentially go thru the 8 harmonies.

If you check the second page, under the MAIN menupage, an external trigger setup is pre_assigned to ASSIGN 4. If you go into SETUP>EXTERNAL>ASSIGN 4 SETUP you can patch a MIDI CC to this, selecting it in the MODE line.

The choosen CC# will step thru the 8 harmonies then.

Another similar preset you may want to look into is #5450 CC Shifter 4v.

This guy here<offers 4 voice shifter AND 30 tweaks! It's based on the same control system of the very popular MIDI Virtual Racks presets.

The TWEAK# parameter is similar to the STEP# of the previos preset. It steps thru the harmonies. Set it on tweak #1 and program the 4 shifters, then move to tweak#2 and program the4 shifters again…and keep going until you need or take all the 30 available tweaks. Each tweak can ALSO store the delay value/level and overall tonal quality of the harmony step. It's an amazing one! Under MAIN you'll find the same external tweak setup, this time patched to ASSIGN 3. If a MIDI CC is patched to it, every single value of the CC will recall the correspondently numbered tweak.


man…that's like writing the Divina Commedia again!

There are probably 90% of the records out there with an Eventide on.

Robert Fripp recordings are strongly Eventide based. All his solo Soundscapes use tons of our units. His very latest one is based on 2 H8000!

Norwegian guitarist Eivind Aarset is another fx master w/strong Eventide use (H3500/DSP4500/Eclipse).

Steve Vai "Passion and Warfare" has some nice H3000 work.

Zappa plays Zappa features tons of Orville on Dweezil gtr.

so many…..

all the best