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yes….very cool.
installation is very straightforward.

I had the Mackie Onyx/firewire already installed
on my p.c.
Installed ASIO4ALL and this program readily recognized
the Mackie Firewire I/O (I am running at 48kHz sample rate).
I enabled all of the Mackie I/O channels in ASIO4ALL.

Installed H8000FW driver and ASIO4ALL recognized all
firewire I/O. Enabled all of these. I haven't tried anything
fancy with buffer settings etc. and have just been using what
default settings ASIO4ALL came up with.

I have been using Plogue Bidule to 'wire up'
VST to hardware etc. (This program is very cool…).

So I have the best of both worlds.  An analog mixer
(I am also using H8000FW analog and TimeFactor
in aux send/returns on the Mackie) so I can twist
and turn dials and move faders. Digital connections
via Firewire.

By the way….TimeFactor v2 software is very cool
with the feedback now >100%.  Very nifty for the
'flying saucer' sounds (vintage delay).

I hope this explanation helps.