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 Hi PH

It's good to hear there are people out there trying the power Vsig unwraps! Good stuff!

You can work in different ways, really. There's no best way to go. I find myself doing very little or no use at all of Supermodules but they can make a lot of sense for many.

You could get 2 separate sigfiles from the H8000, one for the compressor and the other for the flanger, then copy&paste the second into the first, after its very last module.

But creating supermodules could also be good for future works!

U.I.  This is another open area! It basically depends on what you really need to see. If you consider all the asterisk_ed parameters are remoted by the Tweak knob, I feel those should be included in the UI or you'd loose the full meaning of programming your tweaks.

The next cool thing is to "play" with internal FX routings in the sigfile. There you could use mixers/I and O switches to create serial/parallel and hybrid routings….even SENDs/RETURNs or Pre/Post wirings. This thing is so open that it will show you things while you work at it. It'll turn ideas on while thinking about solutions. It's a great learning experience.

I'm thinking about a next generation of MVRacks…something *probably* using some kind of hidden rebuilding of FX so that you could actually choose WHICH fx you will use in a slot.

Say the Rack has 4 slots. Each one may have a 3 or 4 FX allowance. You must choose which one you'll use in that slot#, and so on for the others.

Would that be cool/make sense? I find it gets more creative and experimental with FX routings, doesn't it?

This concept may eat a lot of resources…so I'm not sure if FX will need to be smaller in size or probably the algorithm will only work in monolithic mode or both…we'll see.

I'm looking for new ways……..