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Not sure where the problem is but I'll try to help…

INSTALLING Eventide Update Utility
The update utility will run on Microsoft Windows XP and Vista, and on Apple OS X 10.3.9 and higher.
It is necessary to create a user account and register the Stompbox before performing device updates. Please see the Eventide website for those links.

INSTALLING Eventide Update Utility on OS X
The update utility is compatible with Intel Core 2 Duo and PowerPC G4 Apple Mac computers running OS X 10.3.9 and higher.
Double-clicking on the EventideUpdateUtility.dmg file will mount the disk image as a virtual disk. Double-click on the "Eventide Update Utility.pkg" file to launch the installer. Follow the instructions to install the software. Note that the Administrator password is required to install the software.

STARTING the Eventide Update Utility
It is recommended that the Eventide Stompbox is connected to the computer's USB port before starting the update utility. The application is named "Eventide Update Utility." It can be launched by double-clicking on the "Eventide Update Utility" icon at the chosen installation directory. The application can also be launched from the Windows and Vista "Start->All Programs->Eventide->Update Utility" selection.
The update utility will begin by searching for Eventide devices. If Eventide devices could not be located, then ensure that the device is powered on and that the proper cable connections have been made.

(This is where my issues were when first attempting to update!)

If your device is running the very first version of firmware, version 1.0, then it must be placed in the update mode manually. Power the device off, then hold down the center foot pedal while you turn the power on. Hold the center foot pedal down until the display shows UPDATE. Release the center foot pedal. The device is ready to be updated. This step is not necessary if the device is running firmware that is newer than version 1.0.
In the update utility, click on the Refresh button, or use the "Tools->Refresh Devices" menu selection to search for devices again.

There are several ways to select a file after device discovery completes. The update utility will automatically search for files that could be downloaded to the device. Files are searched for locally and on the Eventide website if the computer has internet access.
After the search completes, the update utility will present a list of files in the Available Updates list. Selecting a file with the mouse will enable the Install Update button. Click on the Install Update button to begin the update.
If the file needs to be downloaded from Eventide's website, then a confirmation message will be displayed. Click on Yes to download that file from the website and begin the update. Provide your username and password when prompted in order to initiate the download.
Files can also be selected from the "File->Update from file" menu selection. Files can be found in the your-install-directory/distrib/bam/Eventide/Factor/Time directory. The example provided above is for TimeFactor devices. Files for other products will be found in an appropriately named directory for that product, e.g., your-install-directory/distrib/bam/Eventide/Factor/Mod. Use the mouse to select the desired file, Click on the Open button to begin the update.
Files will be included and can be selected from the "File->Recent files" menu after they have been selected from the "File->Update from file" menu.

UPDATE the Stompbox
After selecting a file a message will be displayed to confirm the selection. Click on the Yes button to begin the update, No to cancel. Status messages will appear in a window of the update utility and the device will also display status information. The update process takes less than 5 minutes. A successful update message will be displayed when the process completes.

LEAVING Update Mode
Updating from the 1.0 version of the firmware requires a device reboot to return to the normal operating mode. Power the device off and then on again to return to the normal operating mode.
Updating from newer versions of the firmware does not require a device reboot. The device is ready to use after the update is complete.

EXITING the Eventide Update Utility
Select "File->Exit" to exit the update utility application. The application can also be exited by pressing Command-Q on OS X.

The update utility documentation is available locally in the doc directory. You can view this documentation from within update utility by selecting "Help->Contents".

Update problems could occur if the computer enters sleep mode during a device update. It is recommended to disable the computer's sleep mode prior to beginning a device update.
Background virus scanning may interfere with device updates.
Setting the Effect to Looper may interfere with device detection.
This version only supports one Stompbox.

Reporting Issues
Several known issues are covered in the TROUBLESHOOTING section of this document. Check to see if the issue is already known, or if there is a workaround available.
The following information is necessary when requesting support:
1. Serial number of the device.
2. Software versions for the Eventide Update Utility and device.
3. Severity of the issue, including a detailed description of the issue.
Send an email with that information to support@eventide.com.

Eventide Update Utility is a trademark of Eventide Inc.

Hope this helps.