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 Wow, amazing! I have a brand new Time Factor (anticipated it for months and months and finally clicked the 'buy' button) and thought I'd visit the forum to make my first ever post… ON THIS EXACT subject. 

 I have an Alesis SR18 that I am able to send MIDI tempo to. The Timefactor updates smoothly as tempo changes on the Alesis and displays 'R> x Beats' during looper recording. HOWEVER, it does not 'sync' the loop start / stop points with the nearest beat. I was really expecting that I would be able to create 'perfect' in-time loops using the MIDI clock, but no. Even though the Timefactor can see the clock coming in from the drum machine, it will start a loop upon pressing 'play' immediately, and not on the next beat.

 Maybe I am missing something in the instructions? Because I am somewhat new to MIDI I asked a friend who is very familiar with the subject for what behavior he would expect. He said he would also have expected the loop starts to align with the midi tempo. I'm not talking about stretching the loop length to 'fill' x beats, but just starting playback 'on' the beat. 

 Thanks for reading and any help anyone can offer.