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Hi Alan,

Thanks for your answer!

No. i use my old midiboard for switching. this device (Brandstaetter & Rebholz) is perfect for using Midi Program-Mapping. I use Presets 1-4 to change the prests of both units. the PS-Buttons 5-10 are for switching ONLY th TF. i use the switcher only to change the channels of my amp, so the bottom-row works similar to these bradshaw-systems but only using program changes and the rest for adding chorus, reverb, or different delay…or mute them.

i use this kind of systems for many years and it works fine for me! but the reason for buying the tf was to small down my large racksystem to a small midi-controllable board-setup that can stay beside the amp.

So i have programed the board to send only on Midi#2! Since my Exef has only a MIDI-In, I have to use the TF at first and go then to it!

Boah… sorry for my terrible english…. but i don?t know how to describe it in a better way 🙁

Anyway: I have found the "user-error":-)!!!!

the Midi-Sub-Menu called [output] was on XMT! So I have used the Midi out/thru as Midi out! I switched to thru and hey: it works as designed!