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Hello Italo! This is a great idea! Like Rozzer, I would also like to have more "Bread & Butter" presets – especially with regards to Reverb and Delay. I think many of the current presets are too "weird" to be used in a typical mix, although they sound very exciting. I often use the Eclipse on vocals as a send effect, and find that there is almost no presets that can be used without heavy tweaking. What I miss the most is reverbs with shorter decays, that sounds more like a real room/space – not big, over the top FX that sounds good on its own, but can never be used in a mix. I would also like to have the possibility to tweak the presets from my computer/DAW, and I really don't understand why the E-control is for Pro Tools (RTAS) only, as most of your users is on a PC with Cubase as their DAW (or am I wrong?) and should be given a VST-plugin for FREE 🙂 (OK, a little off topic there, but you heard me – right?) 🙂 Keep up the good work!