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these marvels will transmit midd cc messages from the expression pedal!

for example, lets control modfactor intensity and timefactor mix with expression pedal

these are knob 0

so connect them with midi cable

most values are defaulted already but you need to turn on midi cc xmit on one of them and tell the other to receive the midi control change

default midi cc xmt is off so turn this ON in the timefactor, enter utility, midi>[CTL XMT] >ON

default they transmit midi channel 1 so that's fine

default they receive on any channel so that's fine

default for expression pedal is CC channel c15 so that's fine

now edit modfactor to receive midi cc from the timefactors expression pedal like follows

hold encoder and right footswitch to enter utility> turn encoder to: [MIDI](press encoder)> turn encoder to: [RCV CTL](press encoder) > press left footswitch and turn encoder to set destination to KB0 and set your min max values to whatever you like 0-127 is full range of the knob *that just told the modfactor knob 0 or intensity to get ready to receive midi cc and now you have to tell it where to listen for the midi cc signal so press right footswitch to set the external control source and set it on C15 (the default midi cc channel for expression pedal)

now the expression pedal which is plugged into the timefactor, will control the intensity knob of the modfactor and you can make a preset on the timefactor and program the expression pedal to control mix knob

so with heel down your delay will be dry and intensity at 0 and vice versa with toe up controlling both simultaneously