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I just got home from being on the road, and I've been heavily researching this problem.
All I wanted to do was use the T-Factor & M-Factor in a PedalTrain Jr. board, put them on the top tier, and use a small midi pedal to run them through changes. We all know that the 9VDC power supplies that come with both units take up loads of 'real estate' in strips/pedalboards. The Gear Page has numerous threads on this problem, and the techs here @ Eventide do not recommend any alternatives other than using their units. Here's what I've seen so far…
1. Burkey Flatliner Pro: players using 3-200ma jacks for each unit. This box only has one domestic retailer so far.
2. Diago Powerstation: looks like the 1-Spot and Godlyke units. Currently nobody sells these in the states.
3. Visual Sound 1-Spot: players using 1 unit per pedal (this unit provides 1700ma)
4. Godlyke: provides 2000ma, similar in application to #3.
You have to remember that the Eventide pedals use a reverse polarity plug, so standard daisy chain ones will not work too well.
Brad @ Tonefactor.com is quite in-the-know, as well as Dan at Pedalgeek.com.