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I asked Voodoolab and got this response; We have two new power supplies in development that will each accommodate both standard Boss pedals and the Eventide Timefactor: the Pedal Power Versa (which will have 13 isolated output sections) and the Iso-5 (which will have 5 isolated output sections.) We expect these new power supplies to be in production within the next few months.

Also I tried daisy chaining my timefactor; I have a 2 amp(ish)PSU and put the eventide on the daisy chain, (with a reverse polarity cable and 2.5mm adaptor) alongside some other 9V -ve effects. The other effects, treble booster, compressor, distortion, noise gate placed are before the amp input, and the eventide is in the effects loop, (Mesa Lonestar Special). This worked fine using the amps clean channel. However as soon as I engaged the Mesas dirty channel, then the Eventide caused a loud hum/buzz. Acording to Diago, the eventide draws 500ma which ties up with Burkey, who say they have powered the unit using 3-200ma outlets. I believe the issue is not so much current draw, as the 1200ma rating given by eventide would suggest, but that the issue is isolating the unit to avoid unwanted earth loops/hum/buzz etc.

I am going to wait for the Voodoo lab products to arrive.