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So three of these in that order in a series loop? How about loop  level setting recommendations?  I have also a parrellel loop but thats inoperative at the moment but which type of effects loop is best suited for the stompboxes?

Anyhow I will try your recommended placement of the stompboxes as soon as I can get my hands on that Red box!  I am in a coverband and we play "Wish you were here" by incubus and I want to emulate that weird sound in the bridge and so far I cant get that sound with the other two boxes …I actually use a digitech whammy double octave setting with the time factor's Mod delay to sim that effect..my band likes to dupe the songs we play and Incubus is an effect guitarist's band. 

But when I heard how clear the effect was in the Namm show youtube and a few private You tube vids I know I must have that pedal.