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 Hi BadMelonFarmer,

 Good idea about splitting an aux switch, but what I want to know is how information can be relayed from one pedal to the other. Even with a midi controller, if you can't daisy chain the pedals, you're screwed. For example, midi controller to TF and then what? If TF won't send midi to MF, it's game over.  You would need a midi controlelr with 2 or 3 sends. Sounds more complicated than it needs to be. It PF is a little more evolved, but even then, if you want to use all three unit, PF might send to TF but that's it. Anyhow, I hope someone from Eventide will post what the pedals can and can't do in that respect.  

 Ideally, all pedals would be synched via midi, and then tap tempo would apply to all three simultaneously. Idem with presets changes. You could design sounds that involve all 3 units and have certain presets be blank when you don't need a unit. examples:

TF reverse – MF Auto Wah – PF Pitchflex

TF blank – MF Undulator – PF Crystals

 That sort of thing. I mean, how are you going to deal with these 3 pedals otherwise? Regular stompboxes have on-off, not banks. If you need to chnage banks and presets on 3 units at once, that's a lot of tap dancing.The song might be over by the time you got it all figured out!!!