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 I've had a good look at the PF MIDIclock and it seems fine. Please try it with only a direct short MIDI connection between the source and the PF and nothing else connected. Then let us know the exact numbers you get.

Or use USB and MIDI-OX on a PC to show what it can do. There are a number of bad MIDIclock sources out there (sorry Serge).

One possible cause for confusion – PF rounds the BPM value to the nearest whole number. So, theoretically you could send 119.5 BPM (which the sender might display as 119 and PF would display as 120.

Also maybe try listening to the actual tempo, rather than the numbers. This might be a better test.

I've asked before if anyone can suggest a good MIDIclock receiver with a BPM display – is ours maybe the only one ?