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The fact is that in the moment you change preset with the Ground Control the tails are broken. I don't know the new GCtrl Pro, I have the old one and I don't even have the GCX, but only the Pedal Switcher for the stomp boxes, the TFactor is connected in killdry mode through a Suhr Minimix line mixer in the serial fx loop of the amp, thus preserving the integrity of the analog dry sound (TF treats the sound very well, but there is a difference that i want to preserve) and so running with the fx+dsp (which preserves tails during bypass) but without the dry signal. It works very well if i use the Bypass button on the TF, but that is the only way….The GC only sends prg.changes to it.

There could be a trick, I have to dig…..the GC controls the GCX and the Pedal switches through MIDI channel 16, using CC's in this order:

GCX-1 = CC 80-87
GCX-2 = CC 88-95
GCX-3 = CC 64-71
GCX-4 = CC 56-63

I don't have precise details but I imagine that val 0 is loop off and val 127 is loop on…

Frankly I don't know if this could be useful somehow, if those messages, the ones related to absent GCX's, could be combined in some useful way to decide which of them bypasses our beloved unit or not.

At the moment, at least in my setup, if I use the bypass directly on the TF I save the tails, but if I send a different program change message it obviously truncates them.

This limitation of the system brings another problem…I know it's not related to the topic but might be useful…when I want to load GC presets without any TF effect I just made Program 39 (the last one on the TF starting at 0) with 0 wet level and i select that one.

A nice future software feature for the TF could be to be able to assign specific prg change numbers to a different function than selecting presets, like bypass…it would be infinitely useful. A sort of embedded MIDI transformer.