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I am using the DSP + FX bypass mode on the Timefactor, and the DSP bypass on the Modfactor.

The In/Out switches are both set to Line level.

The pedal is hooked up from the effects loop from my amp, into my Modfactor (with the switches set to Line as well), then both outputs 1 and 2 lead into the two inputs of the Timefactor. Output 1 from the Timefactor goes to the first amps effects return, output 2 leads to the effects return of the second amp.

With the pedal bypassed, the amps both sound fine, and even with the delay on with standard settings (with the Wet level below 50%) there is no volume drop. In fact, all the presets have no volume differences.

It is only in the setting I described in the first post that I am having issues. I am trying to have a fully dry signal go to one side, and a fully wet signal to the other side, with a delay of 10ms. Unfortunately, there is only one Mix knob for both delays, so in order to get the delayed side to only have the wet signal, I set the mix knob to 100% wet, and have the Delay A set to 0 ms and 0 Feedback to get the dry sound.

This works, and the stereo sound is achieved, but there is a significant volume drop when it is set this way.

Is there any other way to get the dry signal come out of one side, and the delayed wet signal out of the other?