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I am new to eventide products and have a quick question.

how do I go about downloading your preset that you are trying to share?

or what program do I have to have installed to view your presets?

To download, click on the link MyPresets.zip. That should start the download process. You will be prompted to Save or Run the file. You want to Save it. Put it somewhere where you can find it later. Once it's downloaded, you have to unzip it using a program like WinZip or Windows built in zip archive handler. The unzipped file with have a .syx file in it and that is the file you have to upload to your TF. To get it to the TF, you'll need a MIDI over USB capable program such as MidiOX, which is free and is what I use. Let me know if you need instructions on how to upload a .syx file to the TF.

This could all be made much easier if Eventide would do a proper utililty for this sort of thing, but as it is you have to piece it all together on your own and it gets complicated.