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Eventide Staff

Hi Jufros,

Here are some answers, let me know if you need clarification.

First, the usb port shows up to the computer as a midi device so in Factor land midi and usb are the same.  You can do anything you can do via either port.

1) Resonant filters are Lowpass, you can turn down the resonance and open them up for a very metal sound, turn up the resonance and close the for a very bassy sound or crank the resonance and use an envelope follower on the cutoff for a 303 sound.

2) If you'd like to bend up or down you can set the A voice to bend up, the B voice to bend down, then use an external switch to toggle the pitch mix between A and B.

3) The MicroPitch setting won't glitch for you at all.  You can modulate the voices with a random wave form.  You can set the number of cents detune for each voice independently, but the modulation is not independent.  You can get similar and more extreme sounds from H910/H949

4) I've not used an MP-201, but I have heard of several people who have used it with the pedals.  I'm not sure I understand what you mean by scroll through CV presets and trigger presets simultaneously.  However the PF does respond to midi program change messages, so as long as the MP-201 can send midi program change it will just be a matter of lining up your PF presets with your MP-201 presets.  Secondly, you can use midi CC messages to control expression pedal/whatever on the PF.  Any knob can be set to be controlled by midi CC.  Thirdly, the PF does receive and sync to Midi clock.

Good luck with your set up and let me know if you need any clarification.  Also, let us know how your adventures with the PF and MP-201 go.