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Just got them together… seems they don't want to make friends (((( 

I mean both TF and MF react to Dunlop volume pedal but the values it is supposed to control change very erratically, for example, not from 0 (full heel) to 3000ms (full toe) but from 20 (full heel) to 100 (mid position) to 47 (full toe)

I believe it's the Dunlop pedal issue because it's pretty old and its pot reads 250k (is that 250 Kohm?)

On the other hand, my BOSS FV 50H Stereo Volume pedal works more adequately and controls the parameters as described in the manual, although you would always reach the maximum value before you reach the pedal's full toe position.

On the other hand – you can control both devices with the same pedal! ))))