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Ok I'll definitely try that out.  I use MIDI bypass loopers to engage/disengage a lot of analog pedals (including a few Moog pedals).  So the advantage of the MP-201 was always that I'd be able to recall bypass configurations, change Eventide patches on all 3 pedals, and pre-configure/control a few parameters on CV accepting analog pedals just by advancing presets on the controller.  I was also really hoping that I'd be able to use the MP-201 to, for example, sweep analog filters while pitch flexing (PF), increasing increasing tremolo depth (MF), and backing off on the delay wet mix (TF) simultaneously.  I play live electronica music and this degree of simultaneous control is really invaluable to me.

But if the only way that I'll be able to get smooth sweeps out of the Eventide boxes is with an analog expression pedal, I'm willing to concede controlling them with the MP-201's expression pedal.  I could still recall presets via MIDI and assuming I can get the MIDI clock sync issue ironed out, I'll be in pretty good shape.

Is there a particular expression pedal and more importantly, a particular 3-way splitting device that you would recommend?