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Well, the unfortunate answer is that I lost them all when I did the recent update. However, there are records of these settings floating around on TGP and even on the YouTube page itself. Fortunately for you, the 3:2 setting was buried there in the Comments and goes something like:

Q-Wah; Intensity – 55; Type – Wah wah; Depth –
70; Speed – 7.59Hz; Shape – SMP/Hold; Xnob – 0; Dmod? – 63; SMod – 0;
Mod Rate – 0.12; Mod Source – Sine.

It should be pointed out that I was driving a Wampler Pinnacle (after the ModFactor) to get that fuzz tone you refer to.

Being a mad tweaker, I don't often keep presets or even record them for very long. But we both struck lucky this time. Big Smile