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I'm updated to the latest firmware and am experiencing problems with my Digitech aux switch that worked perfectly before. The issues seem to relate only to the T+R switch, I have this programmed to toggle between low and high feedback settings (knob4) for delay A. When I select the switch the Timefactor's display no longer shows the change in feedback as it used to, although it does apply the parameter change.

Also, when in looper mode the TF is now recognising the T+R command (stop) as the feedback change I mentioned above, something it never did before. Unfortunately this is causing a high rate of decay to be applied to my loops unless I remember to switch it back, which is tough because the display fails to alert me!

Anyone else having aux switch issues? I know this is an extremely small and specific complaint, aside from which the latest update has been excellent to me. Many thanks to all at Eventide for your work.