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PF does not really have a SPILL concept in the way of TF. If you switch between presets using the same effect the decay tail will be preserved, but otherwise it will cut off. Preserving the tail when going in and out of BYPASS is controlled by the BYPASS mode setting, which should be set to DSP+FX.

The TUNER is only accessible in PLAY mode. Beyond this restriction, it should always be there. It is possible that a failed update may deprive you of tuner capability, so if you have recently upgraded the unit you may want to try again.

A faint possibility is that you may have deliberately or accidentally set the unit up for remote control (AUX or MIDI) of TUNER entry/exit and the unit is getting confused. You could try a CLEAR SETUP (press right switch and encoder at powerup). This will return the unit to factory settings but will not erase your presets. Backup of presets is recommended in case of accidents !!