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By re-ordering the inputs to the C_Merge that is used to drive the
counter clock input, I'm able to get the auto-reset to work without
requiring multiple triggers at maxcount.  But it is done at the expense
of the manual reset trigger.  The manual reset trigger works fine for
all values except at maxcount – at which point it requires two
consecutive trigger presses.  Fine trade off compared to the previous

Here's the current version of the test:

HEADM adc 2 2 iSwitchL-out iSwitchL-out Empty Empty 1 menupage-obj ;=0,25,100,0
ISWITCH iSwitchL 4 SelectCounter-out adc-in1 adc-null adc-in1 adc-null ;=575,25,100,0
C_MERGE resetCounter 2 SelectCounter-timeout reset-out ;=400,175,100,0
SelectTextKnob %s select 4 0 SelectCounter-out "textknob: select 0"
"textknob: select 1" "textknob: select 2" "textknob: select 3"
C_MERGE incrementCounter 3 resetCounter-out SelectTextKnob-textnum_out increment-out ;=400,325,100,0
C_COUNTER SelectCounter incrementCounter-out resetCounter-out 1 3 ;=575,350,100,0
menupage menupage menupage 5 increment-obj SelectTextKnob-obj
counterMonitor-obj textKnobMonitor-obj reset-obj ;=950,150,100,0
MONITOR counterMonitor SelectCounter-out "counter:         %1.0f" cntMonitor ;=800,350,100,0
MONITOR textKnobMonitor SelectTextKnob-textnum_out textknobMon:%2.4f knobMonitor ;=800,225,100,0
TRIGGER increment increment increment ;=100,575,100,0
TRIGGER reset reset reset ;=250,575,100,0

I'm trying to figure out why incrementing the STEXTKNOB only causes the
C_Counter to increment once.  If you increment the textknob multiple
times (using the up arrow key), its monitor (added in the current
version of the test) shows the expected output of the knob, but the
counter monitor only updates once – the counter and textknob monitors
get out of sync.  Not so when using the Trigger instead of the