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Works great! The only bug I still experience is midi clock out doesn't change when you change presets (you have to re-tap the tempo every time). Hopefully there will be an update to fix that one soon.

Do you have the tempo set to global in the system settings? I'm not
sure if the MIDI clock out works this way but if I have the tempo set
to global then whatever tempo I've tapped in one preset will carry over
to all presets otherwise the tempo is saved per preset which means
each preset could have a different tempo assigned to it.

time around I had NO problems updating with my Mac Leopard (10.5)
laptop which has never worked until now. The only thing I did
differently was trash all files related to the updater and then
reinstall the updater and I opened the updater program before I
attached my TF to the computer and had the updater "look" for the TF.
In the past I had the TF already connected to the laptop first then
opened the updater which would immediately crash every time so I would have to
use an older Mac with Tiger installed to run the update.

Thanks Eventide! Everything sounds good!