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      Eventide TimeFactor Software Update

      Eventide is happy to announce the availability of TimeFactor 2.4.2[1] Software. This update includes extensions
      to TimeFactor’s operating system which improve compatibility with ModFactor
      and PitchFactor. We recommend that you only install this software when you have
      time to become familiar with it and never just before a tour or gig.

      We strongly recommend that you back up your existing presets before updating
      to a new software version.

      For information on backing up Presets, visit the TimeFactor
      Support Page.

      Reverting to Previous Software

      Note that it is possible to revert to the original version anytime. However,
      reverting from 2.4.2[1] to version 2.0.2[3] will require a clear setup, which
      can be executed by booting up while simultaneously holding the Encoder and Tap
      switch. After clearing setup you will have to restore system settings to your
      liking. Although this process will not erase your presets, we recommend
      you backup any presets prior to updating.

      How to Update

      Updating requires the following steps:

      1. Create
        an Eventide.com Account.
      2. Register
        your TimeFactor Pedal.
      3. Download and Install the Eventide Update Utility from the TimeFactor
        Support Page.

        You will not be able to download this utility until you have successfully
        logged in to Eventide.com and registered your TimeFactor.

      4. Connect your TimeFactor Pedal to your computer using a standard USB Cable
        (not provided by Eventide).
      5. Launch the Eventide Update Utility Application. Please be patient, as it
        can sometimes take up to 1 minute to recognize the TimeFactor Pedal.
      6. Select the System Version 2.4.2[1] from the Available Updates list and click
        the Update button.
      7. When prompted for a username and password, enter your Eventide.com username
        and password.
      8. Review the Release Notes and License Agreement displayed by the Eventide
        Update Utility.
      9. Wait for the Update to Complete. This usually takes a few minutes.

      Troubleshooting Tips

      • Verify that you have properly registered your TimeFactor pedal, and that
        your username and password are correct. This can easily be done by viewing
        the My Products page. In order for the update to succeed, the Serial Number
        on your TimeFactor pedal must appear on this list, and you must supply the
        same username and password used to access the My
        page when prompted by the Eventide Update Utility.
      • If the update is started but does not complete successfully, the pedal may
        not function properly. If the pedal does not properly start up, the Eventide
        Update Utility will not be able to communicate with it. In this case, it will
        be necessary to force the pedal into Update Mode by holding down the center
        switch while applying power. Once the word "UPDATE" appears on the
        display, restart the Eventide Update Utility and attempt the update again.
      • For additional tips, visit
        this forum page.

      TimeFactor Update Release Notes

      Changes in Version 2.4.2[1]

      MIDI CC messages are no longer affected by having Catchup ON.

      When using the Encoder to change to the Vintage Delay Effect, the default value
      for Bits is now 20.

      The default Expression Pedal assignment for new Factory Presets is Mix.

      Expression Pedal assignments for original Factory Presets have been corrected.

      An issue has been fixed where some Modulation Knobs were not saving properly.

      Setting FS3 to be controlled by Aux Switch T+R now works correctly.

      Global Mix now works correctly for all Effect Types.

      DSP+FX now works correctly for all Effect Types.

      Previous Changes from Version 2.4.1[1]

      More Presets

      TimeFactor now supports up to 50 Banks/100 Presets. The number of banks in
      the UTILITY menu may need to be increased to make these visible.

      This update includes killer new factory presets.

      Improved Vintage Delay

      The Bits, Filter, and Feedback controls have been improved for a more authentic

      Improved Tape Echo

      The Filter and Feedback controls have been improved for a more authentic sound. 

      A Saturation control has replaced the Hiss control on the Xnob. 

      Expression Pedal Improvements

      Expression Pedal Programming Activation

      Expression Pedal programming is now activated only when the Expression Pedal
      is at the heel or toe position.

      Shorter Timeout

      The Pedal Programming Timeout has been reduced to 2 seconds. This means that
      when you move the Expression Pedal to heel or toe position, TimeFactor will
      allow Expression Pedal programming for 2 seconds and then change to normal operation.

      Pedal Programming Lock

      You can now optionally disable live Expression Pedal programming. (See System
      Menu Updates.)

      Parameter Fine-Tuning

      The Encoder can now be used to fine-tune all knob parameters if turned within
      2 seconds of turning any knob.

      Bank Select via Encoder Knob

      In Bank Mode, the Encoder can now be used to select banks in either direction
      if turned within 2 seconds of pressing a bank change footswitch.

      System Menu Updates

      [MIDI] – General Improvements have been made to MIDI operation, including
      these new MIDI Functions:

      [RCV CTL] – There are new choices for Receive Control to alter the unit’s
      BYPASS setting:

      ACT – Make the unit ACTive, i.e. not bypassed.

      TOG – TOGgle the between bypass and active.

      [RCV MAP] – BYPASS via Program Change

      As well as using MIDI program change to load a preset, now it can also be
      programmed to directly control the unit’s BYPASS setting. In the Receive
      Map menu you can now select one of the following:

      BYP – BYPass the unit

      ACT – Make the unit ACTive, i.e. not bypassed.

      TOG – TOGgle the between bypass and active.

      [CLK IN] – MIDI Input Clock Enable

      Turn Encoder to set MIDI Clock Receive ON or OFF. If ON, MIDI Clock is used
      as a Tempo source.

      [CLK OUT] – MIDI Output Clock Enable

      Turn Encoder to set MIDI Clock Transmit ON or OFF. If ON,

      TimeFactor can now be used as a MIDI Clock source.

      [CLK FLT] – MIDI Clock Filter Enable

      Turn Encoder to set MIDI Clock Filtering ON or OFF. If ON,

      TimeFactor can be used with an unstable MIDI Clock source.

      [UTILITY] – New Utility Function:

      [PDLOCK] – "Lock" Expression Pedal settings

      When PDLOCK is set to ON, Expression Pedal programming is disabled and all
      Expression Pedal settings are locked. Default is OFF (unlocked).

      Miscellaneous Fixes

      MIDI Clock timing has been improved.

      The accuracy of using MIDI CC to control TAP has been improved.

      A received real time MIDI signal (e.g. MIDIclock) no longer terminates any
      sysex message also being received.

      When a RPT ON or RPT OFF message is displayed, the Encoder knob no longer gets
      locked out.

      It no longer takes two switch presses to turn-off Infinite Repeat after changing
      from Play mode to Bank mode.

      Dumping presets over USB no longer results in BAD LOAD messages.

      There was an issue when assigning an Aux Switch to tip=FS1, ring=FS2, t+r=FS3.
      From Bank Mode, loading a preset that was saved as Looper and then loading a
      different preset that was not Looper resulted in Tap Tempo from an aux switch
      to be ignored until you switched to Play Mode and then back to Bank Mode again.

      The displays for Tempo, Fdbk, Dly, are now consistent among all three Factor
      series Stompboxes.

      Overall Wet/Dry levels are now more consistent

      In System/MIDI/XMT CC when you change the MIDI CC numbers from factory
      defaults, the settings are no longer lost after power cycle.

      If an Aux Switch is assigned to control both TAP and STP, the settings
      are no longer lost after power cycle.

      When using an Aux Switch assigned to TAP, a single tap of the Aux Switch now
      displays the current tempo like a single tap on the on-board TAP footswitch

      When assigning an Aux Switch to P/B, the switch no longer decrements the Bank
      number with every other press.

      General improvements have been made to speed up the system response.

      Previous Changes from Version 2.0.3[2]

      40 Presets

      Version 2.0 doubles the available space for storing presets. There are now 20
      Banks of two Presets, totaling 40 available Preset slots. Selecting BANKS in
      the UTILITY System Menu, you can enable a range of Banks by selecting the (L)ow
      and (H)igh BANK. This is useful if you are playing a gig and you know that you
      will only need to access a specific BANK range. TimeFactor ships with 20 unique
      Factory Presets – the Presets stored in BANKs 11-20 are duplicates of BANKs
      1-10. The default setting for the (H)igh BANK is 10.

      Audio Enhancements

      -New smooth/quiet transition between Active and DSP Bypass.

      -Mix knob taper improved.

      -VintageDelay "Bits" control no longer introduces noise at low signal

      -Mix knob audio level issues have been addressed.


      The range of the Feedback controls for all delay effects has been increased
      to 110%. This allows TimeFactor to go into self-oscillation at high feedback
      values resulting in some very interesting (and potentially LOUD) sounds. BE

      New Filters

      2.0 features dramatic new filters providing for a greater range of tone control.

      More Responsive User Interface

      TimeFactor's Operating System software has been fine-tuned resulting in less
      latency when turning knobs, selecting effects, and responding to external controls.


      SpillOver provides smooth transitions when changing Presets by fading the lingering
      echoes of one Preset into the echoes of the next Preset. SpillOver [SPILL] can
      be turned ON or OFF from the Utility section of the System menu (Default is

      Looper Improvements

      -The Looper Mix taper has been changed so that you can now mix the recorded
      audio with live audio at full volume for each.

      -The Looper now responds to MIDI Start/Stop commands when MIDI clock is present.

      -Looper Beats resolution has been improved in Tempo Mode.

      -Loop splicing has been improved making Loops more seamless.

      Control Expression Pedal via MIDI CC

      In the RCV CTL area of the MIDI menu, PDL is now a choice. This allows you to
      do things like automate an expression pedal performance from a computer or use
      an external MIDI expression pedal to control Preset expression pedal assignments.

      Pitch Shifting removed from Tap and Preset Change

      On certain Effect Types where changing delay time causes pitch fluctuations,
      these pitch effects have been removed for the operations of Tap Tempo and changing
      Presets, yet remain when the parameter is changed via the knob or expression

      Aux Switch Improvements

      We've added a new Aux Switch operating mode called "Alternate." In
      Alternate Mode, the AUX switches act as Play Switches when the Stompbox is in
      Bank Mode and Bank Switches when the Stompbox is in Play Mode. The alternate
      mode switch designators, "FS1", "FS2" and "FS3",
      have been added to the AUX SW Menu.

      PDL choice added to AUX SW Menu

      Assigning "PDL" to an Aux Switch allows you to get the full value
      of the preset's Expression Pedal assignment (Toe down) while you hold that switch.
      This is great for things like sending feedback to 110% while holding the switch
      down and then back to a "safe" value when you let go.

      New default Aux Switch Assignments

      The Factory Default Aux Switch assignments are now BYP, RPT, and TAP for TIP,
      RNG, and T+R. (You'll need to Initialize SETUP to get the factory defaults –
      Hold the Encoder button and Right footswitch on power up).

      Global Mix/Tempo

      Mix and Tempo now have independent Global settings in the System menu.

      MIDI Tap Tempo Improved

      The accuracy of Tap Tempo via MIDI has been improved.

      Display Improvements

      -The way in which MIDI Continuous Controllers are displayed in the MIDI Menu
      is now more consistent.

      -Bank up switch now operates on release. This allows you to change from Bank
      Mode to Play Mode without having the Bank Display appear to increment.

      -The name of Bypass Type [DSP+DLY] has been changed to [DSP+FX].

      Sysex Compatibility

      TimeFactor 2.0 will read all System Exclusive data from older TimeFactor versions.

      Bug Fix

      Aux Switch assigned to P/B now works correctly.

    • #119778

      great news!!

      THANKS guys!

      Is the PitchFactor beta going to be updated too?



    • #119782

      Worked like a charm.
      Many thanks.

    • #119785

      Quick and easy install here- fantastic job, Eventide!

    • #119787
      Thomas Mannes

      Hi ,

      unfortunately the Eventide Update Utility doesn´t work here.

      I´m running a new 27" iMac with 10.6.2 and tried several usb ports and midi as well.

      Always the same result:

      No Eventide Device could be located.

      But the OSX audio-midi setup recognizes  the timefactor using midi or usb .

      The current version of myTime factor Pedal is 2.4.0.[3].

      So , in the past I could update with the utility , but I used to have Tiger on my old mac.

      Any suggestions?

      Thanks , Tom.

    • #119790


      I get this too, try booting the TimeFactor into UPDADE mode by pressing the middle footswitch whilst powering on and then run the "Eventide Updater" that should work.

      Another "Eventide Updater" bug in Snow Leopard is that it will not remember your password if you store it so you need to retype your password even though it looks like it is stored.



    • #119792
      Eventide Staff


      Is the PitchFactor beta going to be updated too?

      I believe that the current PF version is identical to the full release, so no update at this time.

    • #119793

      Works great! The only bug I still experience is midi clock out doesn't change when you change presets (you have to re-tap the tempo every time). Hopefully there will be an update to fix that one soon.

    • #119794


      Works great! The only bug I still experience is midi clock out doesn't change when you change presets (you have to re-tap the tempo every time). Hopefully there will be an update to fix that one soon.

      Do you have the tempo set to global in the system settings? I'm not
      sure if the MIDI clock out works this way but if I have the tempo set
      to global then whatever tempo I've tapped in one preset will carry over
      to all presets otherwise the tempo is saved per preset which means
      each preset could have a different tempo assigned to it.

      time around I had NO problems updating with my Mac Leopard (10.5)
      laptop which has never worked until now. The only thing I did
      differently was trash all files related to the updater and then
      reinstall the updater and I opened the updater program before I
      attached my TF to the computer and had the updater "look" for the TF.
      In the past I had the TF already connected to the laptop first then
      opened the updater which would immediately crash every time so I would have to
      use an older Mac with Tiger installed to run the update.

      Thanks Eventide! Everything sounds good!

    • #130933

      No, global tempo is not on. Tempo on the pedal changes, but the midi clock doesn't (until you tap). Eventide confirmed this bug months ago. I was quite surprised to see it hasn't been fixed in this release.

    • #119797

      Thanks guys…..I appreciate your work! Big Smile

    • #130957


        Hi.  I was wondering, where did you find the 2.4.2 update?  The downloads page is still only showing the beta.


    • #130959


      you have to use the "Eventide Update Utility" the stuff on the support page is only the release notes.

      Download the Eventide Update Utility and fire it up, if it does not detect your TimeFactor then boot in "Update Mode" by powering it on whilst holding down the middle footswitch.



    • #130971

      Dear Badmelonfarmer:

        Thank you!  I appreciate your being one of our pioneers.

    • #130999

      you are very welcome.

      Enjoy Smile

    • #131056

      Problem here:

      The update utility finds  the Timefactor, I can chose the 2.4.2 [1]

      then login, passwd, License agr. etc

      then Failed downloading update…

      I've checked my login and passwd, my products with Timefactor and serial #…

      Any ideas what should I do next?

    • #131058

      Update utility doesn't work on my PC whereas both MIDI saving & loading will.

      Have tried all tips & hints & FAQs, like powering up while pressing mid footswitch to be in UPDATE mode, or changing the USB cable/port, but it gives nothing. My device isn't detected. Sad

      What's next ?

    • #131059

      I also can't get the TimeFactor 2.4.2[1] update to work.   Mine is  failing in the same spot as described by "bozobreak"  in the post above (i.e.  Update Utility dialog box appears:  "Failed downloading update …Please check user name  and password …").   I'm running on Windows XP.

      I changed my password per the trouble shooting guide.   



    • #131060

      I am also having the same problem as Bozobreak & TomB.

      I am using windows XP. Have changed my password, disconnected all other USB devices, made sure no other programs were running, turned off my virus software, and tried all the reset and download modes. Nothing helps.

    • #131062

      Same problem for me now as I can access to the update process using another PC Sad

    • #131064

      The TF wouldn't be recogniced when I used a USB port that also had other equipment connected. Using another USB port solved it. Win XP.

      No luck on my Macbook with 10.5.8 though.

    • #131065

      I too am having the same issue. I can login to the site but when running the update utility it is failing saying to check username/password.

    • #131067

      Anyone solved this yet??

    • #131069

      Cant get my TF or MF to update.    Changed password, they are both registered, tried to do it in update mode. nothing works.  Will not download software, get error message. that suggests changing password which I try to no avail.  Phone support no help, she recommended email support.   Have a message in to email support awaiting response.  Any suggestions in the meantime?



    • #131070
      Eventide Staff

      If you have not done so already, read the post titled "READ THIS – Problems with Update Utility".



      If possible, try another computer. If neither of these help, you'll need to wait for support to get back to you.


    • #131071
      Eventide Staff

      It does appear that we have a server problem at this end, where you can enter a valid password but still cannot get to the download file. Sorry about this – we're working on it.

    • #119885


      just wanted to update my Timefactor, but the Utility can't find the download-file.

      The TF is registered and everything (serial-no, password) is correct (even changed the password like recommended).

      the message: "the file must be downloaded first before it is installed"

      then i follow the download-instructions, but finally the utility tells me, that the file can't be found.

      can you help me? is there a way to download the file separately (as it was possible with older updates) and the update from file? can i get the download-address somewhere…

      help would be very appreciated!



    • #119886
      Eventide Staff

      Please see my post immediately before yours.

    • #131072

      I guess it looks like you guys are aware of the problem and are working on a fix. I'll sit tight and hope it comes shortly.

    • #131073

      thanks for the VERY fast reply.

      good it seems not to be my fault! 😉



    • #131076

      Same problem for me too with a Macbook  on10.4.11 and an IBM Thinkpad on XP. I get the downloading icon for a split second ( not always ) and then window with User/password failed.

    • #131078

      Please bear with us while we work out this issue. It seems to be a problem with our server. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    • #131084

      Ah, good to know that you're working on it.

    • #131091

      Updated today! 

      Well done Eventide for the fast turnaround.

    • #119897

      I've been using 2.4.2 since it came out, and it does seem to have fixed all the known bugs from 2.4.1 (with the exception of midi clock out). There's a couple of things I would love to see in the next release though:

      • Fix the midi clock out bug; tempo of the midi clock doesn't change when changing presets (global tempo is off)
      • Footswitch assignment option for next/previous preset (change to 1:1, 1:2, 2:1, 2:2, etc with one press)
      • Per-bank tempo option. Have preset 1 and 2 in a bank always share the same tempo. For example – changing from 1:1 to 1:2 doesn't change tempo, but changing from 1:1 to 2:1 or 2:2 does.

      Overall very please with the updates so far. Great stuff!

    • #119953

      Updated yesterday, thanx Eventide ! Wink

    • #119956

      I finally updated to 2.4.2(1) – worked like a charm!

      After the update, it is necessary to initialize/reboot the timefactor. after this process, all is well.

      so far it's amazing. great work!
      i think, tape and vintage really sound great now. and the new filtered delays are far out! great idea!
      after the first sessions i think the modulation is less present sometimes, which most of the times is great, but sometimes you may need some more extreme settings here. i got the feeling, those aren't possible anymore – am i wrong here?

      i still have a problem with seamless looping, which is strange, as it's been addressed in the latest updates.  i tried and tried (and i've been used to looper pedals) there still is a glitch here. sorry to say so.

      overall – all the effects sound very good. i don't now if there where changes there, but reverse for the first time is very useful to me.

      one thought here – would it be possible (and wouldn't it be great?) to get an "envelope reverse mode"? so when you hit the note, the tempo starts from there – it would be easier to play reverse riffs that way!

      second – i still think, that the REPEAT switch is a bit useless – it really would be of great(er) use, if it would repeat at the set tempo rate! this should be nor a big problem i think, is it?

      the only other things i would vote for where already suggested for future updates:

      ++ naming presets

      ++ negative AND positive DuckedDelay (delay decreases/increases with attack)

      Anyway – thanks for the upgrade!

      Timefactor is unbeatable that way!

      and – the new presets (especially the multitaps!) are fantastic – a settings chart would be appreciated!

      best regards


    • #120025

      I noticed a problem with the new update.  my drive settings (i think its on the tape echo mode) do not save with the rest of my settings.  i have a certain sound where i crank this knob (to get a really "broken" kind of delay).  i will set it, save it, and then when i return to use that sound, everything is the same, but there is no drive whatsoever, even though the screen still indicates that the drive is on 10.  in fact to get the drive to come back, i have to turn the knob fully to the left and then return it to 10.  i don't know if anyone else has had this problem, but man it's not cool having that little bit of extra mayhem.  has anyone else had this problem?

    • #120274

      hi – did you find a way to fix this problem? I have the sme thing: MIDI works OK with tap tempo but when you change a preset on the TF the MF stays where it is. Eventide said there was no issue, but there seems to be one… Any one have any ideas? Many thanks

    • #131465

      I had an email conversation with someone at Eventide shortly after I discovered the problem. They confirmed that it is a firmware bug. So far, there is no fix. The only work around is to tap the tempo after changing presets.

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