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I finally updated to 2.4.2(1) – worked like a charm!

After the update, it is necessary to initialize/reboot the timefactor. after this process, all is well.

so far it's amazing. great work!
i think, tape and vintage really sound great now. and the new filtered delays are far out! great idea!
after the first sessions i think the modulation is less present sometimes, which most of the times is great, but sometimes you may need some more extreme settings here. i got the feeling, those aren't possible anymore – am i wrong here?

i still have a problem with seamless looping, which is strange, as it's been addressed in the latest updates.  i tried and tried (and i've been used to looper pedals) there still is a glitch here. sorry to say so.

overall – all the effects sound very good. i don't now if there where changes there, but reverse for the first time is very useful to me.

one thought here – would it be possible (and wouldn't it be great?) to get an "envelope reverse mode"? so when you hit the note, the tempo starts from there – it would be easier to play reverse riffs that way!

second – i still think, that the REPEAT switch is a bit useless – it really would be of great(er) use, if it would repeat at the set tempo rate! this should be nor a big problem i think, is it?

the only other things i would vote for where already suggested for future updates:

++ naming presets

++ negative AND positive DuckedDelay (delay decreases/increases with attack)

Anyway – thanks for the upgrade!

Timefactor is unbeatable that way!

and – the new presets (especially the multitaps!) are fantastic – a settings chart would be appreciated!

best regards