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The problem is not specifically related to the semi-colon.  Here is another example:

HEADM adc 2 2 adc-null adc-null Empty Empty 1 menupage-obj ;=0,0,100,0
MENUPAGE menupage menupage menupage 1 OptionTextTrigger-obj ;=525,500,100,0
C_MERGE SwitchCntResetMerge 2 SwitchSelectCounter-timeout 0 ;=125,100,100,0
C_MERGE SwitchCntIncrMerge 2 SwitchCntResetMerge-out OptionTextTrigger-out ;=125,225,100,0
C_COUNTER SwitchSelectCounter SwitchCntIncrMerge-out SwitchCntResetMerge-out 1 3 ;=275,350,100,0
TEXTTRIGGER OptionTextTrigger 4 SwitchSelectCounter-out "default off" "option 1 ON" "option 2 ON" "option 3 ON" ;=125,475,100,0

The corruption is due to the length the of trigger text.  If an item has more than 9 letters, its display is truncated and the text from the next item is partially concatenated to it – displaying up to 16 characters (even when the original text is less than 16 characters).  The truncation doesn't occur if the item text is 9 characters or less.  The concatenation of the next item to the current item likewise doesn't occur if the current item is 9 characters or less.