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if you run Intel Macs you should really consider simply using a virtualization software lke VMWare Fusion or Parallels + Win XP or even cheaper, use Apple Bootcamp + Win XP Pro SP2 (at least) for a native installaton. Both ways proved to work perfectly. The advantage of virtualization is that you can have your Mac OS running at the same time with Windows in a dedicated window, so you can keep using your programs for anything else. Bootcamp limits you to one system at boot, either OS X or Windows….but it's cheaper.

If you are still running G3/4/5 Macs, people have had luck using Virtual PC, but I have no advice for that.

If you decide to go for an used PC, I'd probably go for a cheap new one. Never know what a computer has gone through…

Get a machine with Intel chipset. No need for big cpu power. 1 GB ram would be more than enough with Win XP. Avoid Vista, even though Vsig works on it. It's just that it needs more power/ram to run ok.

Better if the computer offers a Serial COM port or you'll have to get an USB to SERIAL adapter.

Using a laptop is not the ideal vsig workstation. You need a good monitor size or a couple of smaller one running in dual head (most ATI and Nvidia GPU cards do that)

all the best