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Eventide, if and when you make an amazing reverb pedal – I know you
are going to have probably the sweetest "OCTO" type reverb, but I have a
suggestion that has probably been made already.

Instead of just
having a "shimmer/octo" mode, how about incorporating some of them sweet
intelligent harmonies. I mean, can you imagine a shimmering reverb that is a major 3rd up/down from the note/chord being played? Ugh……..if only.

Really though, you should also take what EHX did with the infinite reverb and improve on that too.

And of course – modulation.

But here is the kicker, the best way to have this would be if you could add these effects to a reverb model if you wanted to. Not just a "shimmer" reverb, but the ability to add the octave effect/modulation/infinite/reverse to the plate, hall, etc…of your choosing.

So – in a nut shell, here is what I want:

Optional Shimmer, Modulation, Reverse, Intelligent Harmony, Infinite/Hold on any Reverb model.

Also, if you could take what Line6 did with the Particle reverb and make it not sound so crispy…..that'd be cool too.

Really, I would buy a pedal like this as soon as it came out.

_Thanks for taking suggestions

-Alex may