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      Eventide people, build me a reverb and my TC Nova Reverb will be on eBay! There simply isn't an "amazing" reverb pedal on the market yet, IMO.

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi 18Watt,

      What makes an amazing reverb pedal?


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      Hi Dan,

       To me, the ability to dial it in to sound either very "effected" or very realistic. Complete control over the length of the trail. Most of all, pristine sound quality.

      I'm not an audio engineer so it's hard for me to be much more explicit than that – maybe an example might help? I enjoy the sound produced by some recent Lexicon rack equiment I've tried, but was frustrated that unless they were presented with a buffered signal they turned to mud. The TC Nova solved that problem and is in pedal format, but to my ears doesn't sound at all close the the Lexicon.

       I don't yet have experience with Eventide 'verbs to help the comparison, sorry!

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      Devili have a nova pedal and its quite nice. i would buy an eventide reverb pedal too.can never have enough reverb. i have a eclipse and an h8000fw and waiting on the ne pcm 96 for studio stuff.

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       A reverse reverb is a must have as well as a 'shimmer' reverb like the Line 6 Verbzilla has but better. Reverb + octave up.

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      Lots of people want the Kevin Shields/MBV reverse reverb or early reflections sounds. Those aren't available in a stompbox other than the discontinued Yamaha Magic Stomp. An Eventide stompbox version would be fairly compelling.

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      First off I'm almost 100% sure there will be a reverb pedal. and it will be stellar. i had my modfactor and timefactor up and running last night doing some guitar tracks for a new song.. They sound great togeather..I cant wait to get the reverb if it happens..I had to use my bogner Metropolis tube driven reverb which is awesome in its self but i would have loved to mix both an eventide pedal reverb with bogner's spring..I always do this I would use the early reflections from the eventide and let the spring reverb handle the tail. If you know how to do it it sounds killerDrinks

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       For the Eventide_aware users!!!

      Which are the classic Eventide verbs you'd like to *SEE* in the Verb Factor?

      What about Black Hole?

      and then…..?

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      real room

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      I am a happy timefactor/modfactor user. I really would appriciate a Verbfactor to. Make it ..we?ll buy it 🙂

      For my needs it should concentrate on getting the sounds right instead of using power on show off effects.

      Best wishes

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      It would be nice a Verbfactor I think it would be the first in my buying list if eventide make it. Since I bought a Timefactor I  wonder myself get a Reverb that mached reverbs in Eclipse that my brother owns. I like dense atmosferics reverbs and the only reverb that recreated this flavour are eventide reverbs, but I would like carry it as stompbox to my gigs in place of a complicated rack stuff.

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      you can dial in some nice short room verbs with the TimeFactor but then you have no long delay repeats…I CANT WAIT for the PITCHFACTOR….Thank you Eventide!!!!! This is the best thing since the economic breakdown….Geeked

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      By the way Black hole would be great…It also tells me how powerful this VerbFactor would be to load that algorithm….

       I would like a quick user interface and an expert interface to choose from

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      Verbfactor would be an awesome idea! It would need massive hall reverb with full wet mix – my idea of heaven! I play with a cello bow on occasion and having reverb like that sounds awesome! Maybe the inclusion of a fender twin type reverb and a warm plate reverb would be nice. A tails option (reverb continues to a natural decay when the effect is turned off rather than a sudden halt) that switches into true bypass when the reverb has finished decaying would be awesome – digitech hardwire reverb has a tails option but that means that the signal is buffered continuously meaning no true bypass at all.

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      I totally agree with reverse reverb.

      I've also got the nova reverb, and it's good but not great. and while lots of reverb will affect the level of your sound, if i put more than say 40% reverb, then my signal is looses too much volume.

      i'd like something that's as good as the reverb plug-ins i use, instead of something that just sounds decent. being able to make it go from natural to very fake/effected/tinny would also be great. also, reverbs for small spaces, something like the phone booth reverb.

      and to go for the gold, if you guys do a pc/mac editor for it, if you had the ability to make convolution reverbs on the computer and add them a slot on the pedal, that would be totally amazing.

      Since you guys have ten effects per box, here's a list:

      1. spring
      2. hall
      3. room (including a tiled/bathroom sound)
      4. plate
      5. ambient
      6. reverse
      7. shimmer
      8. modulated
      9. convolution
      10. surprise me

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       7ender outboard (3knob) spring reverb would be nice. I have an original but it doesn't fit on my pedalboard.Smile

      The possibility of convolution reverb would be nice too.
      Even more if we could add our own impulse responses. (Like in Apple Logic 8)
      I assume that the reverbs on the high-end Eventide processors sounds great so a few of those would be very nice too.Cool

      Thank you Eventide.

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      Stratospheric sounds like the crystals on the pitch factor

      stereo of course

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      ressurected – pitch factor id shipping

      time to put that reverb plug in in a stompbox!!!


      More and more amps does not have reverb as a feature
      It's the most popular effect
      It's the most usefull effect
      Eventide as the kuddos
      Low competition (EHX and TC)

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      michael winston

       My verbfactor wish list:

       Midi IN/OUT – I'm not aware of any verb pedal that has similar MIDI control

      And of course, the expression pedal is a must! 





      Octave/verb kind of thing (octo setting on Verbzilla..or crystals, although I'm not familar with it)

      Reverse Reverb

      Multi-tap delay/verb (like timefactor)

      modulation verb

      …. That's all the types of verb I can think of…  Surprise me.

      The ability to have 3 presets across the bottom would be cool.

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      There is a thread on the gear page that has some interesting ideas:-

      I offered to post it as had an account on the eventide board too.

      I would like to see big ambient reverbs as well as decent classic ones.



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      This thread was ambivalent-and-yet exciting enough to me to force a dig out of my forum password… Reverb is something I am very passionate about, and I would love to have an Eventide stompbox that could replicate my favourite rack-reverb sounds. If there were three units I'd love a reverb stompbox to be modeled on, it'd be the Lexicon 960L, Lexicon PCM70, and the AMS RMX-16 – legendary reverbs! Something that could truly replace those racks on the road in a travel-friendly size would be the ultimate (I am on the road 10 months of the year, and baggage allowance is always a consideration as a guitarist – I make do with a pair of Line 6 Verbzilla's when touring). To have something that could emulate the high quality and thick texture of these reverbs would be stunning – I'm yet to find a stompbox that TRULY sounds as good as the reverb I add in plugins and rack units when recording, whether in the studio or just on my laptop.

      One of the reasons I stack two Verbzillas are the "special" reverb effects – mostly the Octo, and also tricks involving going from 100% wet to just a regular slap, with the 100% trailing over it. The ability to have a regular verb running, and then add a pronounced "effect" as well is and important trick for me as a guitarist, and gives me some of my more unique sounds. I play everything from fast paced Smiths-y pop to straight-out shoegaze with the bands I tour in. With that in mind, here is my wishlist for the inevitable "Verbfactor":

      a) Ability to run two seperate reverb presets at once stacked, activated by the left and middle "___factor" chassis' footswitches, OR

      b) Have a seperate section dedicated to "trail effects" activated by the middle footswitch. So, left footswitch engages the reverb, and then the middle one adds a modulation of some sort – octave up trails, chorused trails, reverse, hold, crash, etc, or a mixture of all of them, whatever you have selected…

      I want to be able to get everything from Ennio Marricone guitar lines, to Phil Spector rolling reverb, to full on ambient-gaze wash out and reverse reverbs (ie Blonde Redhead, My Bloody Valentine). I don't doubt that in any half-decent reverb pedal I pick up I could find something "serviceable" to get me there live, but if you really wanted to take it to the next level, then I would "ditto" the request for an algorithm editor for Mac/PC – and a couple slots allocated for user presets (or perhaps the ability to completely re-organise all presets as the user sees fit, and a factory reset for when we mess it up…) When using software plugins, I've most liked the "Waves" plugin reverbs for the sound quality and UI for tailoring the reverbs (though admittedly I haven't tried as many software plugins as I have racks) – if it could be as functional as this, then you would be one more step of the way to having a hit on your hands. (The ability to get into the frequency multipliers, predelay, cutoff, EQ of the reverb's freq. response, control of the shape of the onset of reverb, size of space, diffusion, modulation, etc via a software editor OR the pedal itself would be the ideal here – obviously, the software option being more in depth for the advanced users who really want to get their sleeves rolled up.)

      There's a really great post in the Gearpage thread about this too, from user "echo unit" – he's onto the same sort of buzz that I am regarding this, I think. I know it sounds like we want the world from an Eventide Reverb Pedal, but the thing is… we wouldn't be asking if we didn't think you could deliver, and weren't absolutely agog at the possibilities. Practically spagging for it, even… I really believe you guys could do it, too. Whilst there are plenty of competitors for your Timefactor and Modfactor currently in the market, nobody in my mind has truly nailed a great rack-quality reverb yet – if you could pull this off, you'd make a ton, I honestly believe that.

      So, best of luck with it, and feel free to ask us anything more you want to know as far as focus grouping is concerned. I for one plan on popping back to this thread very regularly. 🙂

      Warm springy regards,


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       Another thread on the Gear Page discussing reverbs….


      Originally Posted by echo unit
      View Post

      Eventide Reverb pedal would be great but only if they include the
      ability to add modulation to the reverb tail like on the Boss RV-5
      Modulation mode.

      Long Reverb without modulation sounds ringy and terrible in my opinion.

      Better yet, Eventide should make an algortihm for the reverb pedal that
      is modulating stereo delays with EQ controls feeding into a really
      spacey and long reverb that also modulates. Having the eq controls in
      the delay lines allows you to darken then and and thin them out a
      little making them less obvious and more imbeded into the reverb tail.

      That one algorithm I suggest above would make the pedal a huge hit!"

      Modulated reverbs….. yeah baby!
      Again I offered to post to make sure you guys get all the best ideas Smile
      another great idea.
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      No there isn't any amazing reverb pedal on the market. VerbFactor should be like the other ones, but not like TC NOVA delay in sound. It has no true bypass, and the reverbs are mostly fixed in length, however, there's a pre-delay and ducking. The only one that exists right now, the T-REX ROOM MATE is way too limited, and has limited use, but sound great in replacing spring reverbs for guitar. However, 3-4 user preset memory slots would be useful so one can start from there. Ducking, is mostly used in delay but I can see it's uses in reverb pedals. Pre-Delay is a must. And decay and diffusion of course. The TC just tends to sound "kkkkkrrrrrrrrrrrrr" at any reverb tail, no matter how you filter it. The Digitech Hardwire has Lexicon algoritjms in it, but doesn't really cut it. It's still quite cheap sounding.

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      Thanks for the insight on the lexicon one. I was considering it but let's wait a bit to see what the eventide guys can come up with

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      Having a few very natural sounding reverbs would be great. The difficult part is getting them to sound that way through a typical 4X12 cab, so some adjustable onboard EQing that only effects the reverb would be a nice touch and is pretty common.. As you normally have 10 types of effects per box, I'd suggest going with 9 reverbs and one delay with basic digital, bucket brigade and tape delay types. It shouldn't be too difficult as delay and reverb have alot of commonalities.  It would make the pedal even more flexible.

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      I would suggest putting it in a smaller box. I love the pedals, but they eat up ALOT of space on my pedalboard.

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      A verb does not need to be as complicated as delays…. please 

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      ….let's see..

      a knob to select verb type, one for decay, one for pre_delay, one for verb size, one for hi cut, another for low cut…maybe one for modulation, and obviously one for level is needed. That's already what? 8. Then maybe it may have some special verb variation fx that may require some other knob. Hard to get smaller IF good quality and verbs variety is desired…..



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      +1 Shimmer Reverb. That would be killer.

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      I agree with what others have written about reverse reverbs, black holes etc..but one thingI would love would  be cool artificial filtering on the reverb too- my old E-mu morpheus had great filtering in it- things like cavitate, in addition to obvious choices like small medium large spaces…

      there are lots of straightforward room reverbs- but I think going top end with cool reverb filtering etc would be what I would buy.

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      You guys have all the reverb types nailed down. Now it's time to turn to the important stuff–what color will the pedal be? 😉




      RF=Yellow! 🙂 (Or at least that's my vote)


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      As a happy owner of all three other eventide stompboxes i must say
      that the verb box would be a very exciting product on the stombox

      I'll agree with jeff above, yellow would be pretty sexy for the
      verbfactors main color, however im conflicted myself between that and
      maybe a more white or grey colored timefactor as well. (or maybe even purple?)

      lastly i'm sure most the features will sound awesome but would really
      love to stand behind these three previously mentioned features.

      1. vintage spring reverb… finding a stombox that can accomplish the
      ridiculously wet springs sounds of the vintage units with control over
      more in depth things like spring size/amount/tension,  and the input
      type (tube/transister simulation?)… maybe even some way to modernize
      the "clashing springs" effect (tension modulation via lfo/env etc…). at least enough control over the sound
      to recreate the broad spectrum of spring verbs, especially the surf and
      dub reggae sounds i've never been able to reproduce  in a stompbox.

      2. convolution reverb with impulse response. this could be the future
      of reverb, and an awesomely unique feature. advanced capabilities like
      uploading your own impulse response somehow would be amazing. perhaps
      even being able to create your own impulses on the verbfactor without
      usb connectivity would make this feature useful for those unfamiliar
      with such an complicated feature. This would even let some of us who
      would like to digitally replace our old pedals with a new custom
      impulse patches. of course allowing the transfer over usb would allow
      us to share each others impulse.

      3. Reverse Reverb… gotta happen, i've thought about getting a magic stomp just for this effect and feel as though it would still leave me disappointed. It seems with tap tempo or dual reverse delays this would create something new and amazing. 

      4. Eq focused reverbs…. being able to apply long(or short i guess…) reverb to just the high end of my signal or even an adjustable band of frequencies would be sexy. there are a few rack mount units but i could think of a lot of applications where this would be nice to have in a stompbox… i feel like the eq specific delay would a really nice option as well for the time factor, but you can't have everything.

      either way, really excited to give this things a wirl one day, and look forwards to everyone else ideas/thoughts.


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      I just wanted to plus 1 the idea of making this. A Verbfactor would be exactly perfect for my needs and I'm indeed hoping you guys will decide to do it. I'm holding off on picking up a used MPX-1 in the hopes of a Verbfactor!

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      I own a PF and TF and I would definetly buy a RF if one was made…..

      I would love a really nice surf style verb. Think *** dale.



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      I own a PF and am soon to be getting the MF. These are absolutely brilliant!!  A VerbFactor would be WAY at the top of my wish list. Please make it !! Big Smile

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      Oh… and I second the motion for making it purple.

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      I've been looking a while for a great "all the bells & whistles" reverb pedal, but haven't had much luck with any of the few currently available on the market.

      Some features I'd love to see in a potential VerbFactor:

      • seperate high and low shelving tone controls, or graphic/parametric EQ style control over the effect's tone, idependent of input tone
      • option to smoothly fade/ramp effect in from pre-delay offset
      • ridiculously long trail times, up to infinite for thick, washy walls of ambience
      • lots of mode types beyond standard spring, room, hall and plate – modulated, bigger to huge to giant halls, flerb, reverse, self oscillation/feedback, pitch shifted reverb, etc.
      • time based/envelope-like modulation of reverb parameters, for example reverb gets darker over course of a trail, density/diffusion increases over the course of a trail, pitch dives etc.
      • diffusion, density, early reflection and other detail oriented fine control
      • lots of expression pedal control over delay times, input signal level, modulation depth/speed, effect level etc.
      • spillover bypass
      • external FX loop for additional processing of the wet signal, cascading etc.

      Gotta put in a vote for a nice, sleek charcoal/slate colored unit as well. Smile Thanks for listening.

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      ^Charcoal/slate color would be my vote too.

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      Uh….. now that the updates for the TF and MF are out…… Is it too early to start asking for a Verbfactor again?  Stick out tongue

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      I agree…although I would want a VerbFactor too!

    • #130417

      Big Smile

    • #130581
      Andy Wild

      I have a modfactor and timefactor, Verbfactor? Yes please.

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      These are the "must have" reverbs for me:



      Realistic Spring





      Now adding the "octo" effect like some people mentioned would indeed be amazing.   That and a really deep reverb like the 'cave' setting or having an infinite switch like the new EHX Cathedral

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      The perfect Reverb Pedal . 1) Nice dense halls and plates with real sense of space and some decent decay time, say 30 – 60+ seconds, 200+ ms of pre-delay I have an old Roland RSP-550 with an overkill 480 seconds of decay time, it's unique. 2) The classic Yamaha early reflections including the reverse ones. 3) A decent Modulation Reverb, Boss has a nice one in the GT-Pro Rack unit,It sounds beautiful but I always wish for more decay and resolution. I'm sure Evintide would make a better one with more decay time for special effects. 4)A real room reverb, small, medium, and large algorithms. 5) A Gated Reverb, forward and reverse. 6) An authentic  Long Spring Tube Driven Fender  style Reverb 7) Some Eventide Surprises, The Octo effect on the line 6 verbzilla comes to mind. Rumor has it that it was an Evintide original called crystals or something, not sure and that black hole sounds nice too. 8) Last but not least, this pedal should have more than enough processing power and memory to rise above the norm, and some realtime control. Like a hold switch, etc. WOW!!! Thats all

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      So….. Winter NAMM is just over a month away….. might we be seeing a Verbfactor unveiling?

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      I was wondering the same thing about a possible announcement at Winter NAMM. Hmm…I guess we will just have to wait and see.

      I would want the VerbFactor to have the best of both worlds, with equal parts vintage and modern reverbs. So long as it could do old-school Spring 'verbs as well as big, cavernous, more modern sounding 'verbs, or more specialized 'verbs with bells and whistles (octoverb, etc.),  I'm sure I'd be one happy camper.


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      So, now that NAMM is just a few days away…… any wagers? 

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      Put me down for $10 on a VerbFactor announcement. 🙂

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      hmmm, I'd like to think so…….

      but I have no idea!

      I know I would be first in the queue to pre order one in the UK!

      I have an RV-5 that I use for Modulated Reverb alone, but hate the other sounds on it. having seen what eventide can do with delay, modulation and pitch…. I have been fighting the GAS of an EHX cathedral as I KNOW eventide can do better.



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      Oh yes, please… It's the one piece of the puzzle I'm missing.

    • #130921

      I certainly would order one immediately too. Like lhama, it's that really needed missing piece for me as well. 

    • #130997

      No dice, huh? 

      I guess it's plan B for me then.

    • #130998

      Yep, same for me. It's a little bit of a bummer, but it's got to be coming eventually. I hope it's not too long, though, because it will impact my ability to design my pedalboard, which will be wired up by Trailer Trash. I need to know the exact layout of the board before I send them my pedals. The longest I can hold out is probably summer.

      So, summer NAMM is my vote! Put me down for another $10. 😉


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      When i go into my dealers and see all the eventide pedals I wonder to myself ho much of an impact those pedals have had on the eclipse and H series processors… I dont see those laying around, all special order.. I have the pedals the eclipse and an h8000 so there are exceptions. My self I would love a reverb pedal regardless…Eventide makes one hell of a pedal Big Smile

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      All the Factor pedals, an Eclipse, and an H8000? I thought I was the only one! 😉 Glad to see someone else is as crazy as I am.


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      No Reverb 2016?

      ahi ahi ahi



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      Eventide Staff

      It depends on the dealer.  Some do maintain a constant stock of the rackmount units.

    • #131006

      OK…I just put it on my list 🙂   I did own one at one time so there…lol

    • #131007

      No I'm sick tooTongue Tied  There is something in every box

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      I really love the idea of a VerbFactor.  I definitely like the idea of a charcoal gray color for the VerbFactor.  Here are 10 ideas for a good selection of reverbs:

      1. Plate
      2. Spring
      3. Hall
      4. Room
      5. Chamber
      6. Modulation [choice of Vibrato, Chorus, Flanger, or Phaser for the tail]
      7. Reverse
      8. Gated
      9. Studio [2016, PCM 70 Hall, H8000]
      10. Black Hole [Put some insane reverb effects here]

      I like the ModFactor approach where each reverb mode can have different types…this way you can have lots of different reverbs available.


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      I'm disapponited too because the Verb Factor was not published at the winter Namm. Units like this are not existing except the TC Nova wich is not bad but definitely not as good as I wish.

      I agree gray is cool and the features mentioned above would be great. I would use it for acoustic guitar with the send return of my amp. So the possibility to change between line and guitar input- output is a must have henceforward.

      It will work out for summer Namm? Confused

    • #131248

      No VerbFactor yet! C'mon Eventide! Big Smile

      That EH Cathedral looks awesome…fighting GAS for that…

    • #131251

      i am dreaming of:

      echospace of god



      italos space (or chamber i can never remember)

      in a pedal!!

      please please please make this happen!!

    • #131274

      I use the TC Nova reverb and find it works well but really want someone to make a floor pedal with midi to use with my Timefactor and Modfactor.  I am looking at Eventide to be the frontrunner in this

    • #131319

      I've got the TC Nova also, and while I do like it, I'm very open to a bigger, better, badder reverb!

      While big spring (surf! "plonk"!) and cave/cathedral are important, I'm also really digging adding very subtle "ambient" sound a lot of the time.

      With the "Factor" pedal system of 10 main settings with a set of sub-settings, don't hesitate to combine – "Hall/Room", "Cathedral/Cave" and so on.  This would be to leave room for the crazy stuff!

      Things that would sell me: Modulated wet signal, 2-at-once (or more…), great shimmer/octo and if you can produce a decent My Bloody Valentine setting then I'll be first in line!

      As you can tell from the endless "Edge/U2" settings requests for delay, the octo/shimmer Edge-esque (or should we say Eno/Lanois?) sounds will move units!  Cuz, uh, I'm too cool to want such things myself, uh, but us cool folks want the Kevin Shields/MBV thing…

    • #120159

      Eventide, if and when you make an amazing reverb pedal – I know you
      are going to have probably the sweetest "OCTO" type reverb, but I have a
      suggestion that has probably been made already.

      Instead of just
      having a "shimmer/octo" mode, how about incorporating some of them sweet
      intelligent harmonies. I mean, can you imagine a shimmering reverb that is a major 3rd up/down from the note/chord being played? Ugh……..if only.

      Really though, you should also take what EHX did with the infinite reverb and improve on that too.

      And of course – modulation.

      But here is the kicker, the best way to have this would be if you could add these effects to a reverb model if you wanted to. Not just a "shimmer" reverb, but the ability to add the octave effect/modulation/infinite/reverse to the plate, hall, etc…of your choosing.

      So – in a nut shell, here is what I want:

      Optional Shimmer, Modulation, Reverse, Intelligent Harmony, Infinite/Hold on any Reverb model.

      Also, if you could take what Line6 did with the Particle reverb and make it not sound so crispy…..that'd be cool too.

      Really, I would buy a pedal like this as soon as it came out.

      _Thanks for taking suggestions

      -Alex may

    • #131331

      I agree with you, BUT…

      that kinda clashes with what "Crystals" can do on the PitchFactor

      IMHO, ParticleVerb is a bit of a poor mans "Crystals" – not the same but in the same ball park, but nowhere near as flexible.

      I really hope Eventide bring us the VerbFactor.

      I bought a Cathedral recently and while it's pretty cool, I am not blown away with it in the same way I was with all my Factor boxes.



    • #131438

      Have we gotten any confirmation that at some point this could be a pedal that comes out?  For my money it would be on order and in the rack quicker than someone could writeup about it.  Please eventide, I'm not a verb guy but I would get it just to complete the series!

    • #132186

      Hey I am also wondering if anyone has heard anything about a possible verbrfactor? Will this happen at NAMM 2011?

    • #132187

      Not seen anything, but fingers are still crossed on this.

      I would love to see it personally. I think there is a gap in the market for this as the other reverb products from other manufacturers in this price range / form factor have all been "meh" to me…always left me wanting more.

      I know the brains at Eventide could do wonders in this area, if they wanted to.



    • #132227

      I don't know a whole lot about past eventide reverbs, but a few things I'd really like in a reverb pedal…a shimmer comparable to the strymon blue sky (they have a demo on youtube that is out of this world), a super thick tube driven verb comparable to an old fender tube reverb head, a knob for blending the effected signal with the dry signal, a good spring setting, reverse, modulated, and whatever else you guys can dream up. Even a couple crazy impractical verbs…no examples, just if you come up with one or two throw them on for the rare occasion where it could be the perfect sound. I'm looking at a blue sky now, but would love to throw another eventide on my board!

    • #132374

      check out Strymon Bluesky.  it's seriously the best MBV/shoegaze shimmer you can find in a stomp box. Doesn't eat your tone like a verbzilla or others on market. 

    • #132394

      The Strymon is nice but pricey and only one preset!!!

      Anyone see the new "sneak peak" video ET put out? Could it be the Verbfactor, or something close for all us spacey, cosmic sonic fans?

    • #132395

      At the end of the video it says eventide stompboxes—> ALSO put a black light in front of your  

      computer at the end when they show this new product in space…..Then you can see!!!

    • #132412

      are you serious about the black light?…..i wish I had one…..

    • #132492

      this was posted over at the Harmony Central forums in the Winter NAMM thread….


    • #132497

      The photo in that Harmony Central post looks like a photo of a piece of printed material, not an actual unit. Three days until NAMM. I guess we'll know then. I'll be there on Fri/Sat. By then it will probably already be posted here if it is real.

    • #132499
    • #132514

      If the picture in the above link is real, It's also Grey and Black and has confirmed Eventide as the best company in the world. It looks like they actually listened to all those in the forums and have made a corresponding product. Looking forward to more info and sound clips of course.

    • #132521

      This was in the ET newsletter this morning. I'm sure they'll post that in the news section of the main ET site soon. They said there will be soundclips, etc., posted after NAMM (probably next week). It's supposed to start shipping in February.

      And yeah, I can only think of one, maybe two, other companies that have shown as much interest and concern for what their users actually think than Eventide has.

    • #132527

      Hi Eventide guys. Well done on "Space" looks exciting , and dig the selection of algs you choose. Looks like you got the classics in there !

    • #132530

      Also, did everyone see the announcement on the newsletter about the power supply for up to 3 stomp boxes and 100mA of 9VAC plugs for other boxes?  Very cool……..Power Factor

    • #132576

      You listened! You really really listened! The Space looks amazing guys, well done! Yes

      Thankyou so much Eventide. This is looking like my big pedal purchase of 2010. Myself and 3 of my studio-owning friends have been txting back and forth about it all day – we couldn't be more excited! You can mark us down for 3 of your first run. Cool

      Extremely springy regards,


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