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Hey thanks for the reply. I'm trying to update it now….but I'm running into some problems. The Update Utility is not listing any available updates. My software version is 2.0.2[3], if that helps at all. I know there is a newer update that is still in Beta mode, but the Utility doesn't have it listed???

Also, if I try to do a force update with the Modfactor, the Utility originally wasn't recognizing my MF when it was in Update mode. When it finally did recognize it, the Utility said that I was unable to install the most recent update. This was the message I received:

"The version information for your device cannot be determined, either because the device is in an invalid state or the device firmware is not reporting it correctly.
To determine the exact firmware version of your device before proceeding, first reboot the device normally and then press 'Refresh Devices' below.
Alternatively, press 'Cancel' to continue updating your device from the list of available updates."

So I refresh the devices and restart the MF, but then the Update Utility doesn't have any new updates for me to install. Seems like a never ending cycle. Any suggestions???

 – Jeff