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So far, excellent feedback – so thanks…  I can see these pedals deserve and demand a lot of respect.  I guess my "pickle" with my set up is, I like to have everything on a pedal board where I can see it, not just going blind with a MIDI footcontroller trying to remember which number was which patch.  For the record, I use a Diezel Columbus MIDI controller, as I have a couple Diezels and a soon to be new 20thA XTC.  The Diezel's buffered parallel loop is of utmost quality.  Secondly, my main Diezel head is a stereo model, and this loop really makes it shine when used in true stereo – it's dead quiet and has an awesome mix level circuit…  So, ultimately, it's nice at times to do true stereo panning between to speakers, or, conversely, one dry, one wet.  This is where the loop is dyno – it works bomber.  However, I have a number of stomps I like up front – Clyde Deluxe, Big Muff Pi, Cathedral Stereo Reverb, Sustainer, Tuner, and a couple other esoteric pedals that I bring on and off pending on the style, mood and night.

What my goal is, with avoiding any (or as much as possible) tone-suck, is to have my Factors both loopable AND available in the front, with a simple relay stomp allowing their use in either.  And having my other stomps remain in front.  I don't mind dancing on some of the more analog stomps (Cathedral, Muff, Sustain, etc) and with the Columbus, would like to have presets for all my Eventides both individually and combined, fully loaded – and with the use of a relay stomp, be able to dump them into the loop or out of the loop easily.  I think it can be done, I'm trying to get in touch with Friedman who knows his business – RACKSYSTEMS – but he's moving buildings apparently and is hard to get a hold of right now.  I know Trailer Trash makes some good boards, readily punched with all the necessary access points.  In this case, I'd need to have a MIDI going to the amp; internal MIDI connections to all 3 Factors through my controller, then simple cable connections to both the Eventides and the analog stomps.  At the end of the day, there should be my guitar cable going in – and 2 guitar cables coming out (A/B mono/stereo) as well as the MIDI connector.

It's a bit of a mindbender…  But I'll get it sorted out.  As well, Voodoo Labs PP2 will power the board, as I'll only have 8 pedals at any given time tops (there might be a couple additional auxillary power leads just in case).  But the key here is MIDI foot controlled presets delegating both the Eventides x 3 (Time, Mod and Pitch) and delegating whether or not it's looping or in front; as well as tending to my channel switching of a 3 or 4 channel amp.  And – to finish it all off, to be able to keep all of them in front with the flick of a switch.

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