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Spent a lot of time recently with the vintage and tape delays.. I found that if you set the mix 100% wet, and set one of the delay times to zero with no FB and mix the other delay off.. you can easily A/B the effect of the filters VS the dry sound by flipping the delay off and on while playing the same passage.

I learned a lot about how the Vintage Delays' filter works.  It has an effect even on zero, then starts trimming out body as you rotate it CW.. when you get to 90% it then starts trimming out highs with a lot of different resonant tones coming in.

On the tape delay, however, I didn't hear much going on.  At zero it sounded pretty much like the digital delayl, then it started dropping highs as you turn the filter up.  At the extreme end, it also seems to boost bass.  I noticed that the digital delay didn't sound that different from the tape delay, except that it seems to not have the additional bass boost at the end, and of course lacks the wow and flutter controls.  it seems that a lofi bandpass thing that more closely emulated tape might be more useful, as suggested already.

In the process I came to appreciate how smooth the digital delay sounds when rolling off the highs a bit.. very musical.

As always, YMMV.