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From what I've read in the manual, it looks like I can set up two patches in the same bank and switch back and forth. Is the switching of the PF fast enough to do that while playing? 

Preset switching on the PF is pretty fast, and this Forum is not full of complaints about it, but you'll have to judge for yourself.


It also seems that I can use an aux footswitch to change parms on the fly. If I do that, will the unit work like my current setup and revert back to the "default" parm when the momentary switch is released or will it take another press to go back?

Parameter changes cannot be "undone", so you'll have to reload the preset or explicitly put the value back. Typically, you set one value for switch up and another for switch down.


My unit is 2nd hand and I don't know if the previous owner registered it. Will I be able to get s/w updates if he has registered?

If he has registered it, contact support@eventide.com to get it changed.