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All Eventides that run VSIG have sawtooth waveforms!  You can insert an audio rate OSCILLATOR or a mod rate LFO, set the waveform to a “triangle”, and change the duty cycle from the default value (0.5) to the min or max (0 or 1).  This will make a sawtooth waveform on any Eventide that runs VSIG, from the original DSP4000 up through the present flagship H8000FW.

The confusion is the synthesizer community says “triangle” to mean a triangle that is equilateral or symmetric, while VSIG says “triangle” in a more general sense of geometry (not just equilateral or symmetric).

For a barberpole effect, you can use the newer SLFO module (on the operating systems that have SLFO).  To modulate a frequency with a sawtooth: Set an SLFO waveform to “triangle” and change the duty cycle from the default value (0.5) to the min or max (0 or 1).  To modulate an amplitude with a ramp up and down: Set an SLFO waveform to “triangle” with the symmetric duty cycle (0.5) and select “unipolar” (output values between 0 and 1).  With the settings I just recommended, one cycle of a master SLFO will take your slave SLFOs through one cycle of sawtooth upsweep (for frequency) and one cycle of ramp up and down (for amplitude).

You can check everything I wrote here by making little test programs that bridge the oscillator outputs to monitor modules.  HMONITOR is my favorite because I can fit eight on one screen, which would be trippy to watch with your 8 waveforms at 0, 45, 90, 135, 180, 225, 270, and 315 degrees!  You’ll see Eight Fingers of Love!