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Home Forums Products Stompboxes Can the TIMEFACTOR get a Holdsworth kind of delay ???? Reply To: Can the TIMEFACTOR get a Holdsworth kind of delay ????


Are you asking about the Holdsworth's chorus setting or the reverbish delay setting he uses for his lead sound? There is a multitap type of delay on the factor so you might be able to get close on the reverb type sound for lead but probably not so close on the chorus sound. I have several Magicstomps as well as the Time factor and even though the TF has multitap delay which is what the Holdsworth chorus/delay settings are based on there are no modulation parameters on this type of delay on the TF. You can get a nice enough chorus sound on the TF with other types of delay (digital or Modulation) but they are not as rich as the 8 voice chorus sound on the Yamaha stomp pedals, IMHO.

At one point I did request that Eventide add modulation to the Multitap delay type on the TF but nothing ever came of it, at least not yet.

Hope this helps!