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OK- Again- please hear these  people-

Modfactor NEEDS the following:

1) REAL Uni-Vibe, not a work around that "sounds close", a real Uni-Vibe alg….

2) A "usable" Wah alg do not know anyone who owns a modfactor and has replaced their actual wah with the modfactor….no one…running the wah in the loop (where all of my factors are), just doesn't work as good, and many modulations sound far better after preamp so putting the modfactor out front isnt really an option either.

3) How about a way to "blend" clean signal back into the wet signal- or at least a way to have ZERO wet signal when the effect intensity is "off"….

I own all 3 factor pedals- I really like them- please incorporate these upgrades so i will stop researching the Axe FX…….