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      I think there needs to be a similar thread like there is for the Timefactor:

      Here is my first suggestion:

      Volume control, especially for Rotating Speaker

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      ok, here's my update grocery list 😛 most of this i think i've emailed to eventide but it's good to see it here too, i think i'll have to help code this update to get all these before 2010… where do I apply for a job? haha

      lfo speeds up and garbles when changing presets, garbles is a technical term for the sound goobledychirpybeepweepychoopboop

      midi tap issue, modfactor doubles the bpm when you send it midi cc to control tap tempo

      envelope waveform should have a sweep speed knob not sensitivity

      adsr waveform isn't very dynamic, even with sensitivity at 100 and picking hard the lfo sweeps very slow

      intensity knob doesn't let you dial down intensity, even with intensity at 0 many of the effects still very wet and intense, can't get a subtle intensity setting

      qwah needs the basic envelope filter controls, sweep up, sweep down, lopass, bandpass, hipass

      univibe, add this algorithm to phaser

      tremolopan, add volume swell to type or just tune up envelope and adsr so they swell in a more controllable manner

      tremolopan, add a type for real panning, volume left/right not phase shifted pan, this would also allow expression pedal fading between left and right also, allowing two effect loops similar to the effect you get with a toneczar vfm with expression pdl, with envelope and adsr sweeping left right

      fix banner glitch when using lfo display and aux set to fs1-3

      add 100 presets to match the pitchfactor

      add a way to load patches? right now we can backup patches to a computer with usb, but there is no way to put them back on that I know of

      fix speed knob so when tap tempo is on the knob isn't reversed

      when using as a wah, there is some slight latency, but i don't know if this can be fixed with code or if it's a hardware limitation

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      ^impressive list … great

      will soon add more! 

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      My 'necessary' suggestion concerns the Wah. I love the Modfactor but I'm wondering if its possible to dial up a wah that isn't unusably harsh and digital? My last wah was the Boss GT-8's so my standards aren't overly boutique. Having some trad wah sounds alongside some new wah-like sounds is a great idea but I don't think its done either justice. The trad wahs need to sound like nice real wahs, and I'd prefer the new wah sounds to be more extreme sound-shaping tools, like notch filters. (Apologies if these already exist in the MF somewhere… and i'd like to hear others opinions on the wah. Am i missing something?)

      And my fantasy wish is that the Ring Modulator let you move between the different frequencies related to a key. So if you set your Exp pedals lowest frequency to 440, say, you could move between the higher frequencies related to the A note. Either shifting between them, or sliding between them but able to lock in on the exact freq by getting the pedal near enough to it. Another RingMod idea is stepping on the Brake drops the freq to a specified point but retains the effect.

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      +1 on the univibe algo

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       I'd like to have the ability to calibrate the expression pedal. I recently tried out my old Boss volume pedal.  It works, but the sweep range is about an inch, in the center of the pedal's travel.  This makes it rather difficult to be subtle with the pedal!  If I could calibrate, this would be a non-issue.

      And since there are so many different pedals out there that you can plug in, they're bound to vary.

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      My suggestion would be to have an undulator hold feature like the hold button on the TimeFactor. It'd be nice to hold the undulator while playing under droning notes.

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      Absolute must is a Uni-Vibe patch. Not the 2 stage phaser – fake sounding kind like you hear on the Digitech Hendrix pedal and all the other ones out there but a true 4 stage phaser tweaked to vintage specs of how an original Univox Uni-Vibe made by Shin-ei sounds.

      Also the thru-zero flanger doesn't seem to disappear and come back like it should. If it could sound like the FoxRox ZTF (Zero Through Flanger) which emulates true tape simulated zero thru flanging it would be fantastic.

      The 2 main things that made me keep mine as I debated daiy whether or not I should return it becaue it couldn'tdo either of these main 2 things I wanted it for, was the patch 6:2 Rotary Leslie sounds great as does patch 1:2 chorus but I already had the leslie sound in my Time factor on patch 2:2 and 5:2 which sounds great too a wel as chorus sounds. So this Modfactor really needs these 2 main things to really be worth $400 and to flourish especially in today's economy.

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      I hate to bring up a 'dead thread' but I agree that there needs to be an "Ideas for future ModFactor update" thread floating around.

      My suggestion: I'd love slower speeds on almost all of the Mods. I think it is very hard to get Uni-Vibe type sounds and think that adding this ability to slow down the mod would help achieve a better vibe.



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      Agree on the wah

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      Undulator trails when going to bypass.  instead of just cutting out.

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      – Well, I'm excited about the Preset Naming and the Volume Control for V3.

      – I would love to see some new LFO options.  Some of my ideas are morphing from one wave to another.  For example, you could get a squarish wave by blending a sine wave with the square wave so that there isn't such a fast cutoff for some effects.  Another cool option would be make the pulse width adjustable so you can have some asymmetric wave forms.

      – I think it would be awesome if you could nail the WURL sound off the electro-harmonix wiggler…

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      OK- Again- please hear these  people-

      Modfactor NEEDS the following:

      1) REAL Uni-Vibe, not a work around that "sounds close", a real Uni-Vibe alg….

      2) A "usable" Wah alg do not know anyone who owns a modfactor and has replaced their actual wah with the modfactor….no one…running the wah in the loop (where all of my factors are), just doesn't work as good, and many modulations sound far better after preamp so putting the modfactor out front isnt really an option either.

      3) How about a way to "blend" clean signal back into the wet signal- or at least a way to have ZERO wet signal when the effect intensity is "off"….

      I own all 3 factor pedals- I really like them- please incorporate these upgrades so i will stop researching the Axe FX…….

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      It would be awesome if the modfactor had a global EQ, even a bass/mid/treble control. This would make it much more useful when running other effects (distortion, Wah, POG etc) into the front end.

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      Just wanted to +1 rabiddiabetic13's suggestion about having the undulator trail off when bypassed. It's truly an awesome effect and it would certainly be great for it to not just cut off so abruptly, if possible. 

      In response to laskyman's post…. actually, I have replaced my old wah with the wah I get from the Modfactor through the loop. It does take a little tweeking 'cause, as he mentioned, there is a difference in the loop as opposed to in front of the amp (where we're all *used* to hearing a wah effect) but the ranges availible for tweeking certainly don't make it "unusable".

      Still, I suppose the frequency ranges of ANY wah pedal are going to preclude it from being useful for all amps, guitars and players… we're all using different stuff and listening through our own subjective angle…. so, added functionality could certainly never hurt. 

      BTW…I love both my Modfactor and Pitchfactor and do appreciate that Eventide has these forums for us users to make suggestions. 

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      By the notes on the new features for Modfactor V3 it looks like we won't be getting trails when Undulator goes to bypass Super Angry

      I know a  lot of people will disagree with me but I would rather have the Undulator trails then naming presetsDevil

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      I know this is an older thread, and I've posted this suggestion elsewhere, but I think this is the right place for me to make such a suggestion.

      I think it would be very cool and very doable to add sequenced modulation (Like the ZVex Seek Wah, Seek Trem, Ringtone, etc. Or the Roger Linn AdrenaLinn.)

      Probably some of the more famous examples of sequenced modulation would be the intros for "Bigger Than My Body" by John Mayer or "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" by Green Day, both of which used an AdrenaLinn to get that sound.

      Couldn't the Modfactor just borrow the sequencing algorithm from the HarPeggiator effect in the PitchFactor to achieve this?

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      The "modern" and "vintage" vibrato modes both leave the Xnob unused…that's a waste of a perfectly good knob that could really spice these two effects up. I think the Xnob should control a lo-fi filter, to emulate the trebly victriola warped vinyl type sound that you get with other vibrato pedals such as the EHX Clone Theory and Zvex Lo-fi Junky. More pitch range is also needed in the depth control, it should be able to go like an octave up and down for really deep and extreme vibrato. I realize that I could do it with the Pitchfactor pretty easily, but this is the official vibrato pedal, so, yeah. Needs more pitch. 

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      The Volume Control is great in V3 but WE NEED THE UNIVIBE!!!

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      Sorry to reupping an old thread but I wanted to suggest some feature updater for modfactor and this seemed the right place.

      1. Adding RISE/FALL time options for ASDR or Envelope wave mode. This feature is really needed to take fully advantage of this modes.
      2. Better AUTOSWELL mode in TREMOLO ASDR  waveshape. It needs to response faster and better to picking.
      2. If is it possibile it will be amazing to add the possibility of a Pre/post routing option like it is on the Strymon's Mobius. Some effects like filters, some phasers, and all wahs  sound waay better in fornt of the amp, others sounds better in the loop.
      I know this can be pretty hard to do because the pedal was not designed to do this.. but I hope there's a way to achieve this, maybe using the stereo in and out..

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      +1 on UniVibe. The Phase X0 just isn't vibey enough. 

      Adjustments on ASDR would be nice too. 

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      I wouldn't get rid of my modfactor …
      I think it does replace a bunch of pedals I would have buy.

      Actually, I don't understand why but the intensity at zero does change the sound of the guitar.

      I don't like that at all. I had to buy a Boss LS 2 and mix the clean signal of the guitar with the Eventide in the loop to get a subtle modulation.

      I agree with the uni-vibe call and the wah which is to me, to much polished and doesn't rip gnarl and stuff the sound of the guitar. (It's better placed before drive but tend to color to much the original sound …) Also a stuck wah would be great.

      I use a lot of stuck wah setting ala QOTSA to feed the drive. Would love a stuck option on the wah. Some effects like the rotary and some chorus are not pronouced enough when used in a loop Dry/Wet mix … If I Wet more with the Boss LS2, there's a bump of volume.

      Maybe as MXR the possibility to choose where you want the chorus … on low or high notes .. or both and so on.

      A better transparency of the guitar and more control over depth would definitely get rid of the 3 modulation pedal I still have on my board. So a place for a Time factor which is impossible for now.

      Other than that I have to admit, this is a wonderful piece of gear, thank's Eventide


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