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I took a quick look at midi, but it seems that the TimeFactor won't allow midi to control bank preset 1 or bank preset 2.

You would select 'Factor presets using adjacent Program Change Numbers.  Using default Program Change maps, sending Program Change #0 would result in Bank 1:1, Program Change #1 selects Bank 1:2, … Program Change #99 selects Bank 50:1, and Program Change #99 selects Bank 50:2.

Something to watch out for:  Some MIDI device manufacturers number Program Changes in a range of 0-127; others may use a range of 1-128.  Everything still functions the same.  There's simply a numerical offset to consider.

With the type of setup that you've described, I suggest looking into a MIDI pedalboard like the Behringer FCB-1010.  (Roland makes a similar 'board.)  Ten 'preset' footswitches, with the ability to send up to 5 Program Changes,  2 static CC values, a MIDI Note On, and 2 relay switches per foot press.  Plus 2 expression pedals sending  variable CC values, and Up/Down Bank switches.