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I clicked "Open From Midi." The message LOADING appeared in the lower right, and the pedal just said "READY." Nothing else happened.

Several questions I can't answer from the documentation:

1. When using FactorLib, should the pedal be in update mode or just powered on?

2. How do I know the pedal has been successfully recognized?

3. When is it safe to disconnect the USB cable from the pedal?

4. Why not mention in the documentation that all banks need to be available?

As far as the "EMPTY" message, I've never seen it before, and my presets did not seem to be there anymore; when I switched into bank mode I kept getting the "EMPTY" message rather than "DIGDELAY" or whatever the preset setting was. I re-initialized it so it's too late now in any case. I had them written down so it's not a disaster, just a fair amount of work.