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In which case hows about pairing up with TC Electronic and offering the plugins as VST on the powercore platform?

(RTAS would be achieveable via the FXpansion VST RTAS Wrapper – this is how i use my TC Stuff in PT)

As far as im aware the Powercores use the same DSP's as the PT Cards

(this is how TC are able to offer TDM and VST powercore versions of their plugins with minimal re-writing).

This is also how Access Music were able to make the TDM and powercore versions of their famous Virus synthesizer as the hardware virus also contained these DSP's.

Hows about it?

I think this would go some way to making a huge amount of Eventide users very happy as well as increasing Eventides sales by huge amounts (in my opinion),

breathing new life into these great plugins.

Go on you know you want to Big Smile

oh and please offer a cheap cross grade to us TDM Anthology 2 owners Wink