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I'm not so much into surf rock, but I'll share my current favorite reverb patch. This is probably more diffuse and has a longer decay than you're looking for, but you should be able to tweak this a bit and come close.

I've also got my fingers crossed for the introduction of a VerbFactor at this year's winter NAMM. If that is what they come out with, I'd imagine this conversation would be a moot point, as I can't imagine a VerbFactor that couldn't do this… Anyway…

TimeFactor – MultiTap – Mix = 10 to 20, Delay Mix = A10+B10, Delay Time A = 234, Delay Time B = 306, Feedback A = 10 to 95, Feedback B = 10 to 95, Xnob = 10, Depth = 0, Speed = 5, Filter = 20.

The settings that have ranges are controlled by an expression pedal, but don't have to be. Higher feedback settings result in longer decay. Xnob controls Slur, which you may want to adjust to decrease diffusion. Depth and Speed control the shape of the decay, although there's not much range here.

Anybody else got anything?