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Yes, I meant Pitchfactor.   I think it is a nice effect outside the effects loop, very usable when the Pitchfactor is in the chain leading to the Amp input.  But the Octaver does not work for me inside the effects loop.  I have tried it using two different Amps; both are Carvin of different model.  It just does not track the lower octaves when in my effects loop, they vanish, or come and go.  The performance is horrible in my Carvin Vai Legend,  better but still very bad in my Carvin Belair.  Particularly on the unwound strings.  I get only occasional come and go tracking of lower octaves using the Legend, and only on the wound strings.

 Curiously enough, the Diatonic effect tracks the lower Octaves just fine in the effects loop.  And other than the Octaver, all effects on all three pedals seem fine in the effects loop.  I was hoping that the upgrade would address this; I loaded that today, no change occurred, I tried twisting the parameters to see if I could affect the performance, but to no avail.