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Are you running version 3 beta? 

I'm running v2.4.2[1]. I plan on upgrading to v 3 when there is a compatible FactorLib version.


CTC, I drafted an email to get you started but was waiting on some information back from ET support.  Shoot me an email when you have time and I'll login and check this out for  you.

Feel free to share any information that you find at any time. But  as the author of the FactorLib software just reminded us, I don't want to burn your generous offer troubleshooting a product that is scheduled to be updated this month.


ON a side note, once you plug up the factor pedal into USB, you shouldn't have to go to the pedal and dump, you should just open from MIDI.  That has worked for me.  Can you try that and let me know?

Same problem, nothing shows in the FactorLib after the LEDs are done jumping around on the Timefactor's different delay types.