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Pitchfactor has delays in it.  Ever run a delay in front of distortion?  not pretty.  I have mine at the end of my chain because of wah sounds being delayed and reverb'd as well as distortion. I run direct at my church though with no power amp so essentially this would be the same as putting it in the effects loop.   I even run it in after my volume pedal so I can quickly pull down the guitar volume and prepare for the next note while my delays trail off.  My signal chain looks like this:

Jem Guitar -> Crybaby 535Q -> Digitech Whammy 4 -> Mesa Studio Pre (Mark II C+ Tube type distortion) -> Ernie Ball Volume Pedal -> Eventide Pitchfactor -> Direct Box (Direct Thru not cut) -> Sound Board

Here are some setting ideas here for normal guitar effects:
Diatonic with pitch set to Unison on Both A + B makes for a great stereo delay. Use Tempo mode and set A to a 1/4 note and B to a dotted 1/8 note (indicated by the dot after the 1/8) Shorten the decay on the dotted 1/8 note and lengthen, then set the mix to 50% and you'll have that U2 – Where the streets have no name delay setting.
The  H949-2 Can Micropitch those delays to create a chorus effect, and Using Crystals with A set to -2C and B set to +2 C With Reverb set to 80 and decay turned up high gives a really think and lush reverb sound.  Turning B up higher creates a shimmer effect. (not as smooth as a Strymon Reverberator though)
Harmodulator – Set this so the pitch goes up and set your expression pedal so as you move the toe forward, the mix increases and the rate of the pitch slows down to almost stopped.  This makes for an awesome intro to songs.